10 things you must know about nails

nailsIt is not enough to know how to get a manicure it appears nails may issue the necessary materials for the body and the lack of potential disease!

First, What is the function of mouth?
People and animals have claws at the same function. Animals nail needed prey and human nail designed to protect the fingers and toes, which are very sensitive. Hand and toe are a lot of nerves and touch receptors, so it is important to protect them.

Second, What is contained in the nails?
You will be surprised, but the nails are composed of the same materials as the hair – protein, and keratin.

3rd, How fast growing nails?
Toenails grow slower than the hand. Fingernails during the month grow about 3.5 mm, while the toe nails – about 1 mm. Thumb nails grow fastest and baby – the slowest. In addition, men are usually the nails grow faster than women…

4th, Both fingernails grow flat rate?
No. Right-hand nails grow faster if you are right-handed, and vice versa if you are left-handed.

5th, Nail strength
Toe nails are twice thicker than stock, but today we do not have to worry about toes – we ensure the protection of shoes. Some sources claim that both hands and toe nails dissolve if a soak in Coca-Cola. Somehow, I do not want to try it out fully…

6th, Do nails are alive?
The visible part of the nail is not alive, but alive is the nail bed, which is the nail base. As well as live and cuticles – that can be derived from the fact that it is sometimes really hurt if you accidentally skin.

7th, Nagai issue of diseases
Interestingly, I looked into the nails, you can decide for certain materials or the lack of disease:
Nails bend outward – Iron deficiency anemia can be.
Yellow nails (not due to nicotine) – liver disease, diabetes mellitus.
White spots – zinc deficiency.
Nails with dark flecks – kidney disease.
Very dry nails – dehydration.
Thick cuticles – poorly digested proteins.
Brittle nails – silicon, calcium, zinc deficiency, blood, kidney, or thyroid disorders.

8th, Nail Care
Nail polish can protect the nails (for example, fungal toe nails), but the polish remover normally contains substances draining nails, so do not forget to use hand cream.
Also, be aware that long nails are not very hygienic, as under the nails begin to accumulate bacteria.

9th, How to get rid of the habit of chewing my nails?
It turns out that there is no one way that can help get rid of this habit, so anyone who has a habit to make every effort to succeed to get rid of.

10th, When taking the first manicure?
Archaeological evidence suggests that the first manicure could be made before the year 4000.

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