Acne during pregnancy

Pregnancy women can have acne; the hormonal change that your body presents during those years can be the cause of pimples.

The acne can get virtually any age and in any circumstance. It is not usually very well received and can sometimes give us many problems.

This acne is not a different type of acne than a teenager could have, for example. We only refer to this acne when it appears during the months of pregnancy and is caused by the change in the woman’s body.

It attracts attention because it appears in women who have never suffered from any type of acne and it is during pregnancy when it starts producing granites. It is produced by the overproduction of sebum caused by the action of hormones.

Why acne appears during pregnancy

Many people suffer from severe acne during adolescence and when their hormones stabilize they disappear. However, many women suffer from an acne breakout during pregnancy. Do not be scared because they are only the hormones that are revolutionized and manifest themselves in the form of pimples.

If you are one of those who has new granite on your face every day, do not despair, it is very normal and there are many effective techniques. 50% of adult women experience these reactions, it is very common and we should not be afraid of it, we just have to maintain a routine of greater hygiene to avoid scars and future marks.

As the months of pregnancy pass, the body begins to stabilize, the levels of estrogen increase reducing the action of the hormones. People who have had stronger acne will be more likely to have acne outbreaks during pregnancy.

As the body’s hormones increase, the amount of sebum progressively increases in the pores of the skin, causing oily skin those results in pimples.

Treat acne during pregnancy

To treat acne during pregnancy we need to maintain good hygiene, a routine to remove impurities and dirt in the affected areas. Because acne can appear on the face, back or other less common areas.

  • Use a mild facial cleanser. Look for products that do not alter your natural pH, it is important not to cause discomfort or irritation. The facial cleanser is perfect to use twice a day, wash your face with a mild soap and warm water.
  • Do not exfoliate the granites because if wounds occur you can cause marks, scars and unwanted wounds. An exfoliation too can irritate the skin.
  • Keep your hair clean so that dirt does not stain your face, in addition, this will prevent the hair from being oily.
  • Do not squeeze the granite sand avoid touching them with dirty hands. It’s complicated, but we do not have to keep our hands quiet and not touch them under any circumstances. If we touch them we can spread the infection and the bacteria.
  • Do not apply fatty products because you could have more granite.

  • It is important not to place add-ons on the face that are dirty; the idea is to also change the pillow cover more often.
  • On the other hand, it usually changes the towels with which you dry your face.
  • You can get natural products for the care of your skin, there are great home remedies to make at home based on natural and safe products.
  • It is important to maintain a balanced diet, avoid fatty products that may cause an imbalance in the amount of fat. An excess of transgenic fats and of bad quality can trigger acne.

The treatment of acne can be treated with medicines that have beneficial active ingredients for their elimination; however, it is important to consult with anesthetic center or a dermatologist in case some active principle could cause alteration.

Having acne or granite outbreaks is not a tasteful dish, however, it is more common than we think and once the pregnancy progresses your body will stabilize.

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