Autumn fruits good for our body

fruitsWith the arrival of autumn, our rhythm changes and many things are renewed. It is a new season and we must also adapt our diet. In this season there are many fruits of great interest, which come to replace the rich summer fruits. We must take advantage of them to include them in our diet, always knowing everything they can give us.

The fruits of autumn are very varied, so it is a time when we can also eat very healthy. From the delicious tangerines to the kiwis, the beautiful pomegranates or the persimmons. There are many fruits that we can add to the daily diet so that it is much more varied and balanced.


Figs are at their best and give us high fiber content, which is good for intestinal transit. They have essential minerals such as magnesium or calcium, to keep bones strong. It is also a source of potassium and contains iron in moderate amounts. The figs can be taken fresh or dried, the latter being better because they provide more nutrients with the same weight consumed since the water is removed.


It is a citrus mandarin and as such it contributes a large amount of vitamin C. The sweetest and most delicious tangerines begin to appear in September and last a short time, so you have to take advantage while they are available. This vitamin is very important because it helps the production of red blood cells fighting anemia. It also reinforces our defenses against the typical colds of this time and improves our skin. This fruit has a lot of water and has fiber and diuretic power.


The grapes also appear in September and offer us a very tasty and sweet fruit, although it has high concentrations of sugar so it has to be consumed in moderation, as is the case with bananas. The grapes prevent against cardiovascular diseases and have a great antioxidant power. They avoid constipation with their fiber and their laxative power, so they are perfect for people with traffic problems. Red grapes also contain folic acid, so its intake is recommended to pregnant women.


The pomegranate is one of the most peculiar fruits of autumn. With a shell that needs to be removed and grains that are falling apart, it offers a delicious flavor and few calories. The pomegranate is one of the fruits with more antioxidants than there is, which helps us to keep the skin young and to regenerate it, protecting it from the effects of UV rays. It also protects against bad cholesterol and helps cleanse the kidneys with its high potassium content.


The kiwi is one of the fruits that more vitamin C can provide us in a single piece; hence it is essential in this era. This is a delicious and much-appreciated fruit. It is also part of those fruits that offer an interesting laxative power and a lot of fiber for our intestine, although for this reason it should be consumed in moderation. It also has a lot of vitamin E, so it is a fruit with a lot of antioxidant power.

Red and forest fruits

The fruits of the forest and the red fruits offer a great source of antioxidants. At this time is when we have at hand the berries, blueberries, and raspberries, which are also perfect to add to our desserts. Raspberry offers vitamin C, soluble fiber and bioflavonoid to fight free radicals. Blueberries are good for the heart and fight aging. Blackberries are good for digestion and strengthen our immune system.


The persimmon is a sweet fruit typical of this time that offers calcium, phosphorus or iron. It also improves potassium levels in our body.

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