Banana a source of potassium

There are foods that we should never banish from our diet. We know that a balanced diet consists precisely in taking a little of everything, following the food pyramid where vegetables, legumes, and fruits are essential. That’s why the banana, besides being a classic with good flavor, is a fruit that can bring us great benefits.

One of the main benefits of banana is its great contribution of potassium to the body. It is a highly recommended food for athletes, but anyone can include it within a balanced diet. We tell you what gives us as a source of potassium and its benefits.

Benefits of potassium

Potassium is a mineral that is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Potassium regulates the entry and exit of water from cells along with sodium, helping us to have a good water balance.

The benefits of potassium do not end there since it is a mineral that also helps improve the functions of the nervous and muscular system. Surely once, when you have had a cramp, someone has told you what you should eat bananas. That’s because if we have potassium in the body there is less chance of having these muscle failures. In the same way, it helps protect the heart. It is a food that helps us reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Potassium in the banana

The banana is well known as a source of potassium since it has 370 mg per 100 grams. However, in this same quantity of product, we find foods that provide even more potassium. Chard has 380 mg, thistle 400 mg, cherimoya 382 mg, and avocado 487 mg. Although the banana always carries the reputation of being one of the foods with more potassium, the truth is that there are some who follow you closely.

Other properties of banana

The banana can be a good food to take at dinner since it contains tryptophan, a protein that turns into serotonin, which helps us to relax and be much happier. That’s why foods like these are recommended in situations where there are depressions.

The banana is food that always recommended for athletes. It has a high carbohydrate content, which helps maintain energy levels for exercise. In addition, potassium prevents cramping.

This food is also recommended as basic if you have anemia. It is a fruit that has a high amount of iron, so it is perfect to keep healthy levels of hemoglobin in the blood.

The banana is recommended a lot when there are intestinal problems, especially viruses and diarrhea. It is an astringent food, but it also has fiber to help us with intestinal transit when necessary. It is also recommended in case of ulcers because it protects the stomach.

How to take the banana

The good thing about banana is that it is a fruit that we can take anywhere and drink easily. It has a sweet and pleasant taste that usually tastes a lot. However, there are many ways to take it, as well as alone. Making a fruit salad with other fruits and a little honey can be a great idea since it is a cocktail of vitamins. On the other hand, it is a perfect fruit to add to desserts for its sweet taste. You can add a little ice cream to make a mythical Banana Split, or include it in a cake. This ripe fruit is also ideal to add to a sports shake for its properties. With a little skim milk and other fruits will be the perfect smoothie.

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