Benefits of performing foot baths

To take care of the feet it is necessary to perform foot baths, there are many types and for different ailments.

Few people consider the importance of taking care of our feet. The feet sustain us throughout the day and if our shoes are not what they should be can cause damage and any discomforts.

Foot baths can be easily performed at home, we just need a container large enough to enter with the amount of water needed to fully immerse them.

Then we tell you different foot baths that you can do at home comfortably to take care of them easily and very effectively.

Different foot baths

The foot baths help us to calm the pain, to free them from the tension of the day, to clean them, we can accompany them with massages and we remove all the impurities.

Salt bath salt

A very economical and at the same time very effective treatment to treat the problems derived from the foot. It can be done anywhere, and you can take advantage of the comfort of your home to carry it out.

You can use either bath salt or coarse salt that you use for cooking. The fat salt will give you a relaxing and refreshing effect just like the bath salt, therefore, it does not matter which type you use.

  • You will manage to relieve the tension of the feet and stress.
  • You will improve the circulation of the area.
  • And You will soften the hardness and calluses.
  • You will avoid problems with sweat and bad smell.
  • You will eliminate dead cells.
  • Salt helps the health of your nails.
  • You will calm the pains produced by arthritis.

In a bowl of warm water add enough to cover your feet and add bath salts or a glass of salt. Let your feet rest until the water is cold or begin to notice the soothing effects.

Heat-cold contrast bath

This type of bath helps the recovery of a lesion in the feet or ankles. To perform this type of foot baths you will need two containers with water at different temperatures.

  • The hot water has to be between 38 and 44 degrees, a suitable temperature that should not be exceeded because we could burn ourselves.
  • The cold water has to be around 10 and 20 degrees.

You will have to keep the feet submerged in the hot water for 5 minutes and in the cold water between 1 or 2 minutes.

The benefits that this type of foot bath brings us are the following:

  • It will increase blood circulation in the area.
  • It will improve the nervous system of the organism.
  • The tissues will be cleaned and the edema will be reduced.
  • After an injury, you will get more mobility as it will decrease the stiffness.

Foot baths with tap water

This bath will help attract blood to the extremities improving blood circulation in the area. Cold water is highly recommended to recover from injuries and is a good complement to other medicinal treatments.

On the other hand, if you do not have ailments you can also perform this type of foot baths to refresh them, avoid fatigue and strengthen them. Ideal for the summer months, it will help us to feel much better and will give us back the feeling of well-being.

Hot water foot baths

In this case, the foot baths of hot water, the water has to be between 34 and 38 degrees to not burn us. You can add salt or a medicinal plant to the water to increase the benefits.

You can put your feet in the water, massage them and take advantage to remove impurities.

Foot baths are generally recommended when suffering from any disease or pathology that directly affects the area, are reinforcement for specific foot treatments. It helps reduce pain and also improves the nervous system. Try at home to perform some type of foot bath that best suits your needs, because as you can see they are very easy to perform.

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