Best Anti-Aging Foods For Your Skin

Anti-Aging Foods Anti-Aging FoodsThis is how we look, we do not always represent the true age. It depends on many factors: genes, body composition, clothing, make-up, lifestyle, eating habits. Perhaps you will agree that one of the youth “secrets” – a beautiful and supple skin, but like to keep it that way? It turns out some of the products that we are accustomed to using, in fact, aging skin.

That is – the blacklist:

The American Heart Association says that daily use of salt can have an impact on high blood pressure and swelling of the eyelids.

Dermatologists recognize that sugar one of the biggest enemies of the skin. Reducing the consumption of sugar, after a week, you may notice that the skin became more elastic. A sweet tooth, which is difficult to give up sugar, it is recommended to eat fresh sweet fruits.

While talks about the benefits of coffee but probably the major contributor to skin aging. Women without binge drinking coffee, the skin is usually dry and lost its elasticity. In addition, coffee affects not only the skin but also the teeth.

Of course, alcohol affects not only the skin but also the human psyche as well as the liver. If you drink alcohol, you should drink a greater amount of water even if you take one glass of wine.

Red meat
A recent study showed that red meat is eaten more often than once a week, has an impact on the appearance of wrinkles, and more serious health problems. Red meat a great source of vitamin B12, but it is rich and seafood, and dairy products. Completely abandon the red meat is not worth, but it should be used sparingly.

Simple carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are divided into three categories: simple, complex carbohydrates and fiber. Foods rich in simple carbohydrates (such as white bread or pasta), reduces the collagen that supports the skin’s elasticity by it. It is more useful to choose foods rich in complex carbohydrates such as whole grains (oatmeal, or bread and cereals).

Spicy foods
Spicy food can affect the capillary expansion the skin does not look very youthful and clean.

Fast Food
Fast food is not only bad shape but also the skin. The skin can lose its elasticity, and for this reason, you will look older than you really are.

Carbonated Drinks
They really do not add beauty soft drinks can damage tooth enamel and can cause the skin to become swollen. Instead of fizzy drinks is the option of water with lemon juice.

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