Cleaning the skin around the eyes

Cleaning skin around eyesAs you know the skin around the eyes is the most delicate skin on our face. Without care, this area tends to develop wrinkles early.

The cleaning of the skin around the eyes is very important because it is regularly used where more makeup. It is essential to treat it properly to avoid damaging or irritating.

There are several ways to remove eye makeup. In any care it is important to remember:

  • Remove makeup gently. The movements should avoid stretching or twisting.
  • Being so close to the eyes should be avoided either put products cleanser or eye makeup to avoid infection and irritation.
  • Removing eye makeup. You can use several products, including these Eye Makeup Remover

The most obvious option and recommended. The most important thing is to leave no oily area (if the mineral oil is because it is priced higher) and preferably has no fragrance.

Cleaner or soap
If the makeup used is minimal or no wear makeup you can use a face cleaner or mild soap (unscented for sensitive skin) with water. Do not use the cleanser for oily skin or highly scented. You can use baby shampoo to avoid the tears.

Mineral oil
This is called baby oil. You can buy it at the pharmacy, it is very cheap. Avoid fragrances and preservatives use this pure. If the skin is oily or prone to acne do not use. Apply with a cotton swab.

Vegetable oils
You can use a light oil such as olive or almond. With the oils must be careful to not get into eyes. If you want you can use a dry cotton ball after cleansing to absorb excess oil. These oils the tabs at the same time. Apply with cotton.

Or petroleum jelly. Not recommended but can be used especially if used waterproof makeup or much make-up. If used must try to remove it with wet cotton on the end to avoid black spots or blocked pores.

Special Sponges
Do not recommend them because they are more expensive, pollute the environment and are no more effective than other methods. They are suitable to travel, especially at the airport.

Rinse your face after makeup removal to remove traces of cleanser itself.

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