Diet of the pineapple the contraindications that you should know

Possibly it is one of the best-known diets at this time when we entered the month of June many people are looking to lose a few kilos to look better in summer. The diet of the pineapple is very simple at the same time delicious (as long as you like the pineapple). However, what many people do not realize are the contraindications that this diet has for a long time.

What characterizes pineapple is its high content of bromelain, an enzyme that helps assimilate amino acids and proteins that consume. Although on the other hand, it is also rich in a high content of antioxidants and diuretics.

The diet of the pineapple is quite hard to carry out; it is limited and restricted since it practically consists of feeding on pineapple throughout the days. It can help us to detoxify our body, and to lose weight quickly, however, it is not advised to go on too long during the time since we would have a lack of nutrients and greater vitamins.

Contraindications to the pineapple diet

Surely you have been tempted to do this diet for a few days, we must warn that it is a tough diet and that it brings with it certain disadvantages. Then we tell you what you have to fix.

It is an incomplete diet

As we mentioned, this diet is very limited in food, which reduces vitamins and minerals considerably. Over time, you may feel tired or irritated because your body does not have enough energy and directly affects your mood.

The diet of pineapple is short-lived

Although it may seem an advantage, it is a disadvantage because we can only do it for two or three days a week, for only 2 weeks. If the duration is longer, it could cause nutritional deficiencies.

Try the first week to be two days eating pineapple and then take a break, until next week and be 3 days. The weight loss will be considered since it is a crash diet. However, we should not abuse this system because it would weaken our body a lot.

Caring for food on days when pineapple is not taken

The diet should be combined with healthy foods on days when we do not eat the only pineapple. That is, if we make the effort to consume pineapple for two days and carry out the diet of the pineapple, we will have to take care of our food during the rest of the days of the week to throw away what we have achieved.

If you consume fatty foods or a lot of sugar and do not do any kind of physical exercise it could be very counterproductive to your health. Therefore, the idea is to accompany our new routine of food with an exercise routine such as walking or cycling.

If you have problems with the kidney it could get worse

The enzyme bromelia contains oxalic acid and high amounts of potassium. These acids produce salts and mineral compounds such as calcium, which we also find in our body. Therefore, all those who suffer from kidney stones should be careful with the amount of pineapple they consume.

In addition, they would increase their potassium levels in their body and would not be healthy either.

Excess of vitamin C in the pineapple diet

The diet of the pineapple can cause our vitamin C levels to increase too, and if this happens it could lead to diarrhea, burning, vomiting, nausea, among other discomforts.

In addition, in isolated cases, it has been proven that the pineapple can develop irritability in the tongue, lips and internal parts of the mouth.

It could cause allergy

Like all foods, it can generate allergies. If you notice itching or itching when you consume pineapple you should not hesitate, and go to your medical center to perform the relevant tests.

On the other hand, if we mix bromeliad with certain medications such as antibiotics, antidepressants or anticoagulants, it could also cause side effects in the body, the most common are rashes on the skin or irregular or abundant menstrual bleeding.

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