Difference between food and nutrient

nutrientSometimes there are terms that can be confused. More than anything because we consider them synonymous, but really they are not so. This is what happens with the topic that we propose today, where we will talk about the difference between food and nutrient. Because if you thought it was the same, it’s not like that.

They are usually used as if they were, but really each one has a meaning that we must know. Only in this way, we will get out of all possible doubt, since we will know what each term will indicate to us, in a very clear way, so that there are no more deceptions. Do not miss it!

What is a food?

If we look for the definition of food, we find that it is all those substances that we usually take. That is to say, everything that we eat every day and in a habitual way is considered. Although it is true that when we consume it, the logical thing is that we do it thinking that it is something good for our body and health. We have always believed that eating food has nutritional purposes and that’s the way it is. So when we take something that all they do is alter the functions of the body, then it is not considered food. For example, chewing gum or medicines, without a doubt, we know that they give us that touch of nutrients and therefore it is not within this group.

What is a nutrient?

We can define it as a part of the food. A substance that is vital for living beings to stay healthier. Because the nutrients will provide us with more energy and other qualities to take into account. Within the nutrients, we will find a wide variety of them. In broad strokes, we will find simple and complex nutrients.

Among the complex nutrients, we highlight carbohydrates, proteins and fats or lipids.

If we think about the simple nutrients, there will be vitamins, minerals, mineral salts, and inorganic compounds.

Now surely we have much more clearly because the nutrients are what form a food. For example, if we take white meat from chicken or turkey we know that we will be giving the body a high amount of nutrients in the form of proteins. While if we take vegetables, fruits or vegetables, we will be adding nutrients in the form of vitamins. But all of them will be food for our body.

Difference between food and nutrient

We have defined what was a food and, of course, a nutrient. So, at this point, I’m sure the difference between the two is clearer. Now we understand why we used to mix the terms. The truth is that one depends on the other or rather; one is part of the other. You can say that it is the best definition of both, but if we talk about differences, then we have to clarify.

The nutrient will always have its nutritional value. But a food will not always carry nutrients or substances that can be used by the body to perform vital functions. In the same way, when we talk about the food we can define it as the act of consuming or eating food. But nutrition is the process that already takes place inside the body when it extracts the nutrients from those foods that we have taken.

At this point we already know the difference between one and another; we realize that to talk about both, we need to opt for foods that have a lot of nutrients. Because only then, the body will extract them and thanks to them they will continue carrying out the vital functions of each organ. Therefore, it is always advisable to consume healthy foods.

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