Eating after exercise

Eating after exerciseQuinoa
Quinoa contains lots of high-quality proteins and carbohydrates and is used together with vitamin-rich vegetables such as broccoli to a light. But nutritious after-sports-food that helps build muscle and its regeneration.

Baked potato with herb quark
Potatoes with herb quark are a high-quality protein-carbohydrate combination that helps build muscle and can also be enjoyed in the evening after training without leaving behind a feeling of fullness.

Vegetable soup
Hardly fat but digestible carbohydrates plus vitamins and valuable offers a vegetable soup. Especially after activities in the fresh air. It is a boon on cold days – or a cooling in summer in the form of gazpacho.

Turkey breast with salad
Turkey, chicken, and are great sources of protein. Together with a colorful salad, the court will (be sparing with the dressing!) To a low-fat meal after sport, nevertheless helps in muscle building.

Fish and potatoes
High-quality proteins and fats stuck in the fish, satisfying starch in the potatoes. Together, these light foods, the Court are an excellent basis for the metabolic processes in the body after a hard workout.

Fried eggs with spinach
The protein quality of the eggs and the vitamins and minerals of spinach make this dish at an appropriate after-workout meal.

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