Eating before exercise

before exerciseWhat should you eat before exercise to achieve optimal training?results.

Instead of strengthening itself with sugary cereal bars before exercise, you should seek better training of fruit the force. Fiber-rich pear and banana are rich in magnesium, for example, an ideal pre-workout fruit that saturates without stressing the body and also provides you with vitamins; physically active people need the most.

Keep eggs long enough, but are easy to digest, so they are not hard during the subsequent training in the stomach. In addition, they provide high-quality protein to build muscle and B vitamins, which help to transform food into energy. Eggs also provide the body with vitamins A, D and E as well as iron. The latter especially need endurance athletes for the absorption of oxygen in the blood.

Crispbread with cheese

Crispbread has little fat, moving faster and is easy to digest. Contains paired with a low-fat cheese, the protein and calcium and so bones and muscles used, you have a fast sports snack on hand.

Whole wheat pasta
In order for the muscles to work, they need carbohydrates as an energy source. Whole grain noodles that are eaten 3-4 hours with a light and vitamin-rich tomato sauce provide ideal training base.

Nuts are healthy snacks that provide quick energy. Ingredients such as vitamin B, niacin, iron, magnesium, and folic acid make for a well-functioning energy metabolism and help build muscle. Especially cashews are as fit food because they contain a lot of magnesium and so, for example, prevent muscle cramping in endurance sports.

A cup of coffee or espresso is not only growing, but also powerful. The caffeine stimulates the central nervous system in addition also the fat metabolism – but only if the coffee is drunk without sugar.

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