Eliminate intestinal parasites with the following ingredients

If one day you have an upset stomach and it does not heal with time, you may have intestinal parasites. It is more common than you might think and suddenly appear, are in the food or develop within us.

Do not worry, because generally, getting rid of them is simple and can be done with natural ingredients. However, if the problem persists you should go to the specialist doctor to diagnose your case.

The parasites can cause discomfort in the abdomen, swelling, inflammation, diarrhea, nausea and even malnutrition because part of the food is eaten by them. If it is not treated in time it can lead to a more serious illness, therefore, one way to treat them and prevent them is through the following ingredients.

Ingredients to eliminate intestinal parasites

They are ingredients with great medicinal properties, take note so that you do not miss any in your pantry.


One of the main ingredients of nature has antimicrobial properties that will prevent any type of microbe, parasite or bad bacteria from residing in the organism.

The idea is to consume it raw; however, it can be consumed in many ways, because it also leaves a delicious taste to a large number of recipes. In the case of not liking its flavor, you can consume it in capsules to benefit yourself or else, consume it in powder in lower doses.

It also works with pets, in the case of having your cat or dog some kind of parasite you can give daily garlic hiding it in the food. If you have doubts, it is better that you go to the veterinarian, but it is an effective and natural prevention method.


It is a spice that is used as an antiseptic and is also used to fight against bacteria and parasites. A medicinal plant that due to its effectiveness is highly recommended to eliminate parasites and larvae of the intestine.

Like wormwood, crush a handful of cloves to consume a small amount twice a day for at least three days to take effect. You can put it in your dishes and camouflage it if you do not like its flavor.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are especially recommended to eliminate intestinal parasites; in addition, even if you do not have them you can consume them to prevent their appearance.

You can consume it raw and unroasted and better on an empty stomach so that the effect is much greater. In addition, you can grind them once they are toasted and add them to sauces, stews or salads to give a different touch to your dishes. Or if you prefer you can make a vegetable drink from the seeds.

Wormwood or holy grass

A plant that has been used since ancient times to treat many symptoms that affect intestinal transit: flatulence, liver and gallbladder problems, lack of appetite, bad breath, bad digestion, heaviness, and swelling.

Wormwood is rich in a type of flavonoid that has ant parasitic properties, so it acts directly on the worms and larvae it encounters. To benefit you only have to grind the dried plant to make it a powder, consume 1 gram a day, in a glass of water sweetened with a little honey.


This plant is used as a spice in the kitchen in many cultures, a plant easy to find and with great medicinal properties. Thyme is related to treat the following discomforts of the organism:

  • Helps to calm the cramps.
  • It is a very digestive plant.
  • It helps to eliminate the bacteria.
  • It is healing.
  • It expels the mucus in the chest, it is expectorant.

The properties should be obtained from fresh thyme because dried thyme does not contain sufficient properties. You can consume it in your dishes, make infusions, get it in capsules or thyme essential oil.

It is important to detect when we have intestinal parasites in our body because if we let it pass, it could trigger greater damages. Do not hesitate to go to your family doctor or specialist to come up with the solution.

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