Exercise in preparation for childbirth

First Breathing stomachPreparing for motherhood is changing not only the ideas but also the body. In order to maintain good physical shape and prepare for childbirth muscles are actively involved in the process, have pregnancy workout.

First Breathing stomach

This strengthens the abdominal breathing and abdominal bed prepares for childbirth easier and allows you to quickly return to its former shape after childbirth.

Sit with your feet Cross the lower portion of the back you can lean on, hands onto the abdomen. Back and shoulders move. Slowly inhale through your nose so that you can feel like a tummy swells. Exhale through your mouth by flexing the abdomen, as if attracts the navel to the spine.

Advantages: strengthens abdominal muscles.

Second Belly Dance keturiom

A. Stand on the floor centurion, relying on hands and roads. Hand – right after the shoulders, knees – shoulder-width apart. Try to keep your back straight. Relax your stomach and if you would like to draw the navel to the spine. Hold your tummy in that position. Breathe normally. Her pelvis towards the abdomen, like the pubic navel. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

B. When you make five exercises, completing the last change in body position: put one foot in front of the knee put on the platform of the knee with both hands.

Benefits: Enhances press muscles, upper and lower casing.

3rd Elevator

A. Sit on the floor with your back straight, resting on a hard surface. Place one hand on your stomach with the top of the thread the other under the belly.

B. Imagine that your belly a horizontally moving elevator, traveling over 6 “high standards”: Breath in, breathe out, and every time you pull your belly downwards, toward the spine until the “pushback” to the fifth floor. Hold your breath, count to 30. And now 5 times more briefly pull your belly toward the spine, like 5 times fast you are traveling from the 5th to the 6th floor and back.

Advantages: strengthens the abdominal striated muscles

4th Combined squats

A. Stand up straight, feet – slightly wider than shoulder width apart, put the hands comfortably, such as the chair support.

B. Slowly into a deep squat, feet, and heels to rest on the ground. In this situation go on a series of Kegel exercises, each inspiring abdomen. Repeat 5 times.

Advantages: strengthens the abdominal, thighs, stomach and bottom of the vaginal walls.


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