Foot pads

It is common for the feet to be resentful throughout the day. Because they support the weight of the body, as well as shoes that are not always comfortable at all. Hence, the pain and discomfort are incorporated into our day to day. One of the best solutions we have for all this are the foot pads.

The foot pads are one of the great inventions. A way that the foot is a little more comfortable and avoid rubbing with shoes. They are very simple to place at the same time comfortable, but you can also do them at home saving you more than you imagine. Discover it!

What are foot pads?

The foot pads are a very necessary product. As we have said, they will make our feet feel more comfortable and relaxed, which will reduce pain in the vast majority of cases. Whether we are standing for many hours or if we use inappropriate shoes. So, when we premiere a shoe, we should not wait for it to bother us, but we should think about bringing some saddles. They will reduce that impact that occurs in each footprint, so both the feet and our body will thank us.

For whom the pads are recommended

Without a doubt, for everyone who has sensitive feet or metatarsalgia. This is a pain in the front of the foot, where the so-called metatarsal bones meet. But also, all those people who work for several hours standing or those who practice intense sports. Undoubtedly, also for older people who already have added problems in their feet. As we see, there is no age nor a single disease or pathology that leads us to use this type of product. The truth is that as it is indicated for the rest of the feet and the body, we can all carry them. It should be mentioned that they are also indicated for arthritis or tendonitis problems.

Types of foot pads

There are different types, according to your ailments. One of the most common is the pad that is placed between the fingers and that covers the top of the foot. Within it, there are also different shapes and sizes so that it can be adapted to perfection. But the vast majority is composed of lycra for that fit and inside, gel. Another type of pads that we are going to find is not focused on the upper part, but on the heel of the foot.

In the same way, the gel padded finish will be the main protagonist. But in this case, it only focuses on the back. It will adapt to all shoes and reduce heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis or some squeal of sprains. The pads we use for both the front of the foot and the back is perfect to add more comfort. They will reduce both pain and swelling, relieving tingling and in many cases, hydrating the feet.

How to reduce foot pain with home tricks

In this case, we must say that it is a quick trick and for an emergency. If you do not have any type of foot pads at home, you can always place a sack-slip attached to the inside of the shoe. At least, it will reduce the impact of walking with heels and you will see how the pain of the feet is reduced. On the other hand, you can also make some templates or pads with Eva rubber. You will have to cut a couple of pieces for each shoe. So that when joining both dampen much more the friction of the foot with the shoe. Stick it on the shoes with double-sided tape. Both the Eva rubber material and this type of adhesives can be found at any craft store. What are your tricks so that your feet do not hurt with new shoes?

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