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General tips for a youthful

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tips youthfulMany areas of the skin have a tendency to be dry, itchy and horny if not treated. Fortunately, there are products on the market to cure dry skin, taking care of your feet callous and creams that treat itchy skin, but there are also home remedies that cost less and work better than anything you can buy in a bottle.

Tip # 1:
Use coffee, sugar, vanilla and mix on the knees, elbows and feet or other areas of skin that are rough. This combination not only smells good because of the relaxing essence of vanilla extract, but also works because the coffee is very strong antioxidants and sugar acts as an exfoliate to soften the skin.

Tip # 2

To create a scrub described above, meet a measuring cup a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract, half a cup of fresh ground coffee and a cup of sugar. Once you’ve done this, mix olive oil with vanilla extract in small bowl. In a slightly larger bowl, put the routines and sugar and then see the liquid ingredients in a container holding the sugar and coffee grounds. Then mix the ingredients into a paste. When finished, take the cup in the shower with you. Before leaving the shower, start to massage the scrub on the skin and note that you will be able to use this scrub the entire body to increase circulation.

Avoid the use of the weed on open or sensitive skin and face. For skin that is dry and bumpy, use this scrub twice a week instead of once a week like normal skin.

Tip # 3

Avoid dark knees and elbows by moisturizing twice a day. If by chance you run out of lotion on stu home, use olive oil to massage the knees and elbows dry. It is important to stay hydrated joints that do not become dry, dark and unattractive. You should also pay particular attention to elbows and knees in the shower when you are exfoliating the body.

General Tips for a youthful

Tip # 4
Change the color of the lips to a lighter shade for a more youthful appearance, a more youthful face. Go a little further by adding just a little brightness to half of both their upper and lower lip. This gives a fuller lip, which is ideal for those who tend to have thin lips.

Tip # 5:
Use sunscreen on your legs to conceal varicose veins, cellulite, and give the legs a slimming appearance. You are afraid not to mix the lotion all the way, followed by a highly absorbent lotion that contains aloe. Which helps to balance the lines that could have been left in the tanning lotion? For an allover tan that looks like you’ve been on the beach, apply self-tanning lotion before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll need a bit of color without the cost of going on vacation or having to suffer through sunburn.

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