Green beans and their properties

A good diet begins with having very balanced portions on the plate. One of these rations is in vegetables. That’s why, of all of them, today we select green beans. One of the most complete foods and sometimes it seems that we do not give the prominence that it deserves.

Today we will discover both the benefits for our health and the properties that green beans have. Surely once you discover it, they will be more than integrated into your daily menu. We are going to take advantage of all its nutrients, which are not few!

Green beans and their great properties

One of the qualities that you should highlight about green beans is their great antioxidant capacity. But it is also that they are rich in water, so they will help us in the process of losing weight. 100 grams of the beans will only provide around 30 calories. They help us with fluid retention, which is one of the problems we face every day. But even if they have those few calories, it is true that they help us to have good energy, always regulating our metabolism. They have vitamins A, C, and K, as well as B1, B6, B3, or B9. They could not miss minerals such as calcium, phosphorus or iron among others. Undoubtedly, and only knowing these data, we will be in good hands.

Benefits of green beans

  • Thanks to the fact that it has a high amount of vitamin K, they are very good for our bones. In this way, he will keep them well cared for and healthy.
  • They protect the heart and in general, cardiovascular health, more than anything because they are composed of Omega 3 fatty acids, which is always vital for these cases.
  • By having flavonoids, it can be said that beans have anti-inflammatory properties. But they also lead to prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • Your memory will also be benefited thanks to this food. Because this will be thanks to vitamin B1, which will make memories always remain intact, preventing Alzheimer’s.
  • Like the vast majority of vegetables, its fiber content is quite high, so it will fight constipation while making us feel satiated.
  • Thanks to potassium as well as magnesium that we will also find in green beans, they will reduce hypertension.
  • Prevents the appearance of acne. Although there may logically be another type of factors for it to appear, there are many studies that ensure that the consumption of them makes our skin better. What allows us to get away from the undesirable grains?
  • They are also perfect for pregnant women unless your doctor tells you otherwise. More than anything because they have a high concentration of folic acid.

How to integrate green beans into my dishes

Beans are those foods that combine perfectly in many fields. Therefore, you can make them easily with just a garlic sauce. Of course, another of the most common ideas is to steam them. Then, you can add some ham taquitos or, cut them into pieces and add to a scrambled egg.

Purees are also key to a healthy diet. In this case, you can combine the beans with other vegetables of your choice. A light and perfect dinner if we combine it with a little protein. As a garnish for some meat such as turkey or chicken, as well as fish, it is priceless. You will get delicious dishes and as you know the healthiest. But also, from now on, also integrate them in salads. If you do not like them too much, the best thing is that you keep combining them with other products. Because they are worth it. Our health will thank us!

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