Home remedy to treat the calluses of the feet

Regardless of the time of year, our feet may need a break and a little attention from us. The feet suffer daily without us knowing, they are the ones that sustain us and those that take us where we want.

On this occasion, we want to talk about corns, how we can treat them naturally with a simple and easy-to-make natural remedy at home with two more known ingredients: vinegar and onion. Pay attention, and take our advice.

The white vinegar together with the onion gets to form a duo as effective as they help reduce calluses and eliminate possible fungi. Calluses arise from chafing and the use of inappropriate footwear, also by the way we walk and our habits.

Calluses can be painful and depending on the time of year and depending on the footwear we use we can be more prone to them or not. In addition, they are usually very resistant and if we do not treat them they could bother us more than necessary.

Natural treatment for calluses on the feet

With only two ingredients we can achieve amazing results and take good care of our feet. Pay attention that we tell you how you can do it in the best way. You will also need some utensils so that the callus elimination is total.


  • 1 onion
  • 100 milliliters of white wine vinegar


  • A pumice stone or alternative element.
  • Cotton.
  • Old socks
  • Transparent film paper.

As you can see it is not complicated to get these elements, as well as the ingredients. And the same goes for the procedure that is quite simple.


To make this natural remedy to fight and eliminate calluses we have to have a clean container and add 100 milliliters of white vinegar. Wash the onion and peel it to eliminate any type of germ or bacteria. It can be an old onion or a cluster onion, the important thing is that it is of quality and is in optimal conditions.

  • Cut the onion into three slices, immerse it in the vinegar.
  • Keep them soaking throughout the night.
  • In the morning impregnate cotton in the mixture and apply it in the area to be treated of the feet.
  • Cover the foot with a film and put on the socks you want to use to treat the calluses.
  • The idea is to sleep with the socks on so that it takes effect throughout the night.

The next morning, wash your feet with soap and warm water. Use a pumice stone to scrape the calluses and gently remove the calluses until the skin is smooth. If the calluses are very deep or are very hard we will have to repeat this process several times to gradually eliminate the layers.

The idea is to do this treatment twice a month if we are prone to have calluses on the feet.

Remedy against fungi

In addition, the onion along with the vinegar is an ideal remedy to avoid the appearance of fungi, so not only would it serve to eliminate calluses but if we go to the pool or shower in showers of sports where many people go, it is a way to prevent these fungi and discomfort.

As you have seen, it is very easy to make this natural remedy, with only one onion and 100 milliliters of white vinegar, we get to act on the fungi and eliminate the calluses. An economic option before any other product of the supermarket.

Depending on the case it is necessary to go to a specialist so you can help us eliminate those calluses effectively. Hard-to-remove hardness can cause many more discomforts and eventually if left untreated, could lead to other foot problems.

Try this method at home whenever you need it, even if the smell is a bit strong with soap and water you will get rid of fungus and hardness, so you can reward it. Your feet will look soft and renewed.

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