How to combat irregular appearance of arms and legs

combat legsFor very strong that we highly stylized arms and legs that we never will look the same if we are careless in treating these areas that have some cosmetic problems, so it is important to review what state is the skin of these tips.

In addition to sagging, usually the skin of the arms like the legs. Usually presents several irregularities in its external appearance this is due to lack of hydration. These irregularities usually appear as small bumps, flakes, red areas, etc. To help solve these problems of Beauty want to share with you the following tips:

  • Bathe with warm water in order that the skin tissue softens and exfoliate with a gel rubbed his arms and legs to remove all the dead cells. This peel you do it on once a week since the water at high temperatures can cause circulation problems.
  • Affects the upper back and upper outer arm, as these areas are often the most neglected.
  • Apply moisturizer generously from the wrists to the shoulders, rubs his fingers over the inside of the arms from the elbows to armpits, pressing gently but firmly to the skin to absorb a total hydration.
  • If you have exceeded 30 years in addition to moisturizing. Firming lotion you should apply yourself to tighten and tone the skin. If you do not have time to use each product, you can opt for the “two in one”? An application that met both functions.
  • For elbows and knees, it is advisable to use an exfoliating cream creamy with a few particles to the skin is not irritated. Apply a moisturizing lotion.  But not covered until it has not been completely absorbed. Gradually you will notice as improve its appearance and texture.
  • Avoid aggressive peeling on the elbows, especially if you have them very dry and only get irritating.


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