How to cure bunions

As we well know, curing bunions is not always a simple matter. We talk about that deformity or bump that can appear in the area of the big toe. The truth is that when it is inflamed, the pain also appears and as a consequence, that all the shoes bother us when walking.

Although in some cases, when the pain is persistent, you can only say goodbye to the bunions with surgery. But today we will see other steps we can take before reaching it. Symptoms, causes or treatment is something we must know to be able to cure bunions in a more effective way.

What are bunions and their causes?

As we have already mentioned, bunions are a protrusion that protrudes from the area of the big toe. Just from the outer edge, you will begin to see how more and more growing a little more. It is true that there are people who are more prone to this condition and to a large extent; it will be because the bones of this area are somewhat more delicate. The part of the bone usually grows a little more and will be covered with a kind of bag with liquid.

Without a doubt, already knowing this we realize that it is something quite uncomfortable. Why do bunions appear? There may be several causes but here we will have to talk about certain hereditary factors, as well as other diseases of the foot. Sometimes footwear is blamed for this deformity, but it is not entirely true in the vast majority of cases. That is to say, it may already be present and that the use of narrower or more annoying footwear, is the trigger for them to come to light. Also having a flat foot or an imbalance of muscular type, are other causes for its appearance.

How to cure bunions

Foot exercises

The exercises are always basic for the whole body and more, this time. It does not mean that they are going to disappear at the root, but it will prevent them from getting worse. For example, with the help of both hands, we will do a massage in order to try to stretch the big toe. Then we will do the same with the rest. Another exercise is to try to stretch your fingers as much as possible and then pick them up. But in this case without the help of the hands.

Use special pad for bunions

These types of pads are intended to care for and protect our feet. So they will keep the bunion from growing. Similarly, you will notice more comfortable footwear. Surely if you ask at your pharmacy they will have some model that works for you.cope with pain

How to cope with pain

When they start to bother us, without it being a very intense pain, we have two options. Applying a little ice is something that relaxes and will eliminate the discomfort. Remember that it should never be made directly with the skin, but we will wrap it in a cloth or bag. Of course, on the other hand, warm salt water can also be your best ally, since a foot bath can relax. When the pain is very intense and prevents walking on a regular basis, then you should consult with your doctor since it is best to operate.

The perfect shoe

Curing bunions is not always an exact science. So you have to look for the best remedies to put into practice. In this case, although it seems obvious, we must bear in mind that finding the perfect shoe also takes time. So sometimes, we have to resort to a specific shoe that we will find in orthopedics. Always avoid heels and shoes that are somewhat narrow.

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