How to get arms and legs stronger

arms and legs strongerarms and legs strongerThe legs and arms are very fertile ground to flourish sagging faster than elsewhere in the body. But luckily, these areas can be worked doing some exercise, watching what we eat and seeking the help of the fabulous cosmetic firming.

Turning the thighs and arms without leaving home

The muscles of the whole area inside of the thighs and arms do not come to simply start with the movements we do each day so you are losing muscle tone much more quickly than other areas. Furthermore, the overlying skin is very thin and can “pick” with ease but the good news is that we can restore muscle tone with a very simple exercise routine.

To gain strength in the arms and define the contours of his muscles, we need to exercise with weights. To the inside, the most effective is to take a brick consisting of milk or juice. In one hand and stretch your arm looking up, putting it in line with the trunk to try to bring it thereafter as possible to the shoulder blade. Exercise should be repeated 15 times on each arm.

To the top of the knee, will need to sit down while the legs together and put some weight on them as books, cartons of juice, etc..  Hold the seat of the chair with his hands and go elevating the legs. Strengthen the inner thighs very effective lie on the floor and lift your legs a few inches of it to proceed to separate and bring them with a continuous motion like scissors. Gives very good results also place a ball between your knees and to press inward.

Fight the flab from the table

More than once we saw ourselves on a diet to lose kilos as well as sagging progressed in our body, but an unbalanced diet or drastic is not solely to blame for the loss of density and tone on our skin, as the passage of time also produces such symptoms as with age, making leaves less elastic and collagen fibers responsible for tightening and firming the dermis. We introduce some improvements in our diet such as trying to get at each main meal has protein, which can be achieved by consuming a minimum of one serving of meat, fish, eggs or any dairy. Another essential nutrient, since it intervenes in the production of some substances that hold the skin, vitamin C, and silicon to help keep our skin firmer. Can be found in the tropical fruit, citrus fruits, strawberries, oats, whole grains, pumpkin, and corn.

And as a climax cannot miss a good hydration of the foot as dehydrated skin loses tone to become increasingly less resistant and much thinner. So it must be hydrated with assets such as shea butter or glycerin to responsible for nurturing our skin perfectly.

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