How to heal an ingrown toenail

The ingrown toenail is one of the most frequent disorders we can have. It usually occurs on the toenails and we notice their presence when part of the ends of said nail is stuck in the flesh. As a result, we will have a great pain or several discomforts that we should treat as soon as possible.

Therefore, in addition to going to the podiatrist to give you their assessment, it is worthwhile to apply certain remedies that we tell you today. Because it is also good to know their causes and prevent their appearance. Do not miss everything that follows to say goodbye to the ingrown toenail!

Causes of the ingrown nail

The appearance of an ingrown nail can come from different factors. Some are because of the lifestyle we lead and others because it is something innate in the person or in the growth of the said nail. Undoubtedly, this is one of the great reasons that have resulted in the problem that concerns us today. The nails more prone to suffer this ailment are the nails in the form of tile, as well as those that have a semi-cylindrical shape. It is also said that people who have quite long or hammered fingers are more likely to suffer them.

Another reason for its appearance is that we do not fix the nails in a proper way. When we cut the nails a lot or, when we make their edges are rounded, they can be reasons for their appearance. The nails have to be cut in the right way, following their own style. Of course, as we mentioned and your nails have a stooped nature, then they are going to be buried more easily on the skin. Also, shoes too tight may be another common cause.

How to heal an ingrown toenail

When the person has added health problems and sees incarnated nails follow each other, it is best to go to the specialist. Because in this way you can perfectly assess the type of problem and give it a solution.

  • Remember that you should not cut your nails too short. Because the pressure of the footwear in them, yes that can lead to the appearance of this problem.
  • Put your feet in hot water two or three times a day. Then, we have to make sure that we dry the foot correctly.

We will perform a gentle massage in the area if it is not too inflamed. Thanks to the baths during the day, the nail will be more delicate, which will allow us to place a piece of cotton between it and the meat. The cotton must be wet. This process you will be repeating every day until the nail grows a little and is completely detached from the meat.

Then, you will have to clean the area with a healing product.

This remedy is perfect when it is not yet fully inflamed and there is no pus around. Because otherwise, it is better not to touch it and go to the doctor. Since they will prescribe an antibiotic ointment to eliminate the infection before cutting that piece of nail.

You should wear comfortable shoes and do not over-press your foot or fingers. In addition, you must change the socks or socks on a regular basis. Because in this way we will prevent bacteria from accumulating in them.

First, we must focus on eliminating the infection that exists in the finger. Then, many of the experts choose to remove that piece of nail, so that the same thing will not happen again. In fact, sometimes you also have to talk about surgery, although of a minor nature where under a local anesthesia that piece of nail that so many problems can be cut will be cut. Therefore, when you see that the inflammation is quite severe, it is always better to go to the specialist, because otherwise, we can even complicate it more at home.

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