How to lose 3 kilos easily and safely

3 kilosIn certain occasions, we find ourselves in the position of wanting to lose or lose 3 kilos in a week or in a few days. This usually happens when we look bloated, heavy or have an important event in a short period of time.

When it comes to losing weight, whether its one kilo, ten or thirty, you have to do it with health and with knowledge of the cause. This time we will focus on the tips we have to keep in mind to lose up to 3 kilos in a short period of time.

Do not deceive yourself or deceive the body, we do not have to put it in danger with dangerous diets, diets based on shakes, proteins or any diet that we find on the internet that then make us quickly gain weight.

We have to be aware that in order to lose weight with health we have to learn to eat well and change our eating habits.

Tips to lose 3 kilos easily

Here are the guidelines and some tips you can follow to get healthy to lose 3 kilos.


  • Introduce more protein in each main meal of the day. The protein has a great satiating power and helps the muscles do not lose volume.
  • We must alternate the protein depending on the origin; we have to consume protein of animal origin and plant origin.
  • Choose turkey or chicken as animal protein and avoid an excess of red meat.
  • In the case of fish, choose the blue variety such as salmon, sardine or tuna.

Citric fruits

  • One of the allies to take into account are citrus fruits, increase your levels of vitamins and antioxidants.
  • The lemon should become your great ally; you can add it to salads, drinks, smoothies to help you lose weight.
  • Choose the pineapple as a dessert or grapefruit juice to drink in the morning, you will feel satiated and its components help eliminate the accumulated fat in the body.


You have to stay well hydrated, it is very important to drink at least two liters of water a day to eliminate toxins from the body, help the kidneys in their activity and also, drinking water satisfies our appetite.

The water must always be consumed a hotter point than cold, do not drink very cold water because the stomach would suffer more.

If you are one of the people who have trouble drinking two liters of water, you can take infusions without sugar, coconut water or add vegetables to the water to give it flavor.

Avoid fast food

Although it sounds obvious many people are unable or do not really recognize what fast food is. Processed foods are full of unnecessary fats and sugars, they are not products that feed us and are full of empty calories.

Avoid cookies, chips, sweets, industrial biscuits, marzipan, nougat, chocolates, etc. Many precooked pasta dishes, products with cheese, refined flours or industrial cereals.

We have to look for the healthiest alternative, in this case, whole grain flours, products sweetened with stevia, cooking at home, opt for vegetables and legumes.

Avoid alcohol intake

During the time you want to lose weight until you get it, you must stop drinking alcoholic beverages; these have sugars and calories that will not give you anything.

Be it beer, wine or combination, which also mixes with sugary soft drinks.

Sleep 8 hours

It is very important to rest to lose weight; the body needs to recover from daily work to have the next day enough energy to perform all your activities properly.

Not sleeping can cause fluid retention; lack of sleep affects our mood and will make us more prone to diseases because our defenses will be low.

As you can see, the advice we are discussing here is very logical, however, few people take it seriously and for this reason, they do not manage to slim down what they expect.

To lose three kilos we must have willpower, just as if we want to lose one or twenty. Put yourself in the hands of specialists so they can advise you, every situation is different and maybe, some guidelines for some people that do serve you for others are not worth it.

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