How to loss Weight 5 kilos in a few weeks

Nutrition experts recommend that the measures you take to lose weight are in the sense of a progressive and lasting change in your habits, both for eating and in the aspect of physical activity. But even so, there are several ways to lose weight. We are going to analyze three options to lose five kilos in a few weeks.

How many calories do you have to burn?

You will see that to burn a kilo of fat, you need a difference of 7,700 calories (approximately), between what you eat and what your body spends. If your goal is to lose 5 kilos, a simple arithmetic calculation takes us to 38,500 calories.

Another element that we are going to put in this estimate is a prudential principle, saying that you do not spend more than 15% of what you eat every day. So we talked about doing things progressively to change habits and have lasting results. That means that if your body naturally spends about 2,000 calories a day. We will assume that your net energy expenditure does not exceed 300 calories on average. That means that it will take a few weeks(approximately 4 months) to lose 5 kilos. Do you think it’s a long time? Keep in mind that we are not talking about making a punctual effort, but something lasting. You will continue to do in the future, even if you end up adjusting calorie intake and expenditure.

Method 1: Eat the same thing but spend more

We will assume in all these examples that right now your weight is stabilized, meaning that the calories that enter your body are the same as those that are spent. Obviously, if you do not want to eat differently or eat less, or consider that you have a healthy and balanced diet. You have the option of exercising more to burn the excess.

In our example we talk about burning 300 calories a day on average, that is, 2,100 calories a week. If you are going to do sport 5 times during this time, you will have to spend about 420 calories each time. The equivalent of running at a moderate speed for about 40 minutes. Yes, you read correctly to lose 5 kilos, if you do not change what you eat, you will have to run 3h20 every week for 4 months. Well, or walk fast twice as long, if you prefer.

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Method 2: Do not exercise more and eat less caloric

In this case, it is much harder to visualize the change. Ingesting 15% fewer calories does not necessarily mean you eat less food. That would only be true if you keep eating the same things as before. Your other option is to choose other dishes and foods, which will equal you but are a little less caloric. Sometimes it’s as simple as being a little more careful and eliminating some of the ingredients with more energy, such as sauces.

If you want to design a plan to eat better. I recommend that you consult a nutritionist, or at least talk to your GP. But I think that to see the specialist in the matter is a success to be able to elaborate a menu that you like and fulfill your personal and health objectives.

Method 3: half half

As you can imagine, that option is the most recommended. Simply because it does not demand an exaggerated effort at the physical level, nor does it force you to deprive yourself too much in the food field. Returning to the previous example of physical activity, already “only” you would have to run 1h40 every week (in 5 sessions of 20 minutes, for example). While the adjustments in your kitchen would be minimal.

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And what will happen in 4 months?

If you apply a strategy of this type and you achieve your goal. You will have achieved great things, especially if you used method 3:

  • You will have lost 5 kilos and you will lose some more in the following months.
  • You will have become accustomed to doing physical activity several times a week. And it will not cost you to do it, but you will like it.
  • become accustomed to eating better and taking care of what you eat. Which will allow you to avoid falling into excesses and temptations.

During those 4 months, many other people who use miracle diets may have lost 10 kilos and will be regaining weight after leaving the diet. Do not be fooled by the immediate results. The important thing is to have long-term healthy habits.

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