How to make your salads healthier

Salads are part of the vast majority of diets and are reputed to contain fewer calories and be very healthy. However, these qualities can be given or not, depending on the ingredients we choose when making our salad.

If you want to make your salads healthier, we give you a few tips. It is important to take into account the ingredients we use to make the salad much healthier.

Use lettuce as a base

The vegetable is great food and has the ability to satisfy us and have few calories. That is why it is a great idea to use it as a garnish and as a base for the dishes. In the case of salads, we can use lettuce, which also has great properties and has few calories. There are many types of lettuce, from the Iceberg to the Lombard. You can also use other vegetables in dishes such as canons or even raw spinach. These vegetables will help us create a large dish that satisfies us without going over the calories.

Add nuts

The nuts have lots of vitamins, but they also have fat and calories. That is why if we are going to add them to our salad we must be moderate. You should not consume more than a handful daily at meals. These nuts provide great nutritional value to our salads but they should always be taken in moderation.

Avoid sauces

One of the things that add more calories and fat to our salads are the dressings and sauces that are added. A yogurt sauce or a pink sauce can add a lot of calories and spoil the healthy part of the salad. That is why when dressing salads it is better to use some olive oil, spices or lemon and vinegar. If we moderate the use of the oil and avoid the sauces that only add calories, we will ensure that our salad remains very healthy.

Lean proteins

In salads, there is also room for protein because they are very necessary. A salad should take a little of everything to be a most complete dish. We can add protein with fish and omega-3, with tuna, or pieces of turkey and crab sticks. This type of protein does not add too many calories but they are very healthy. It is also possible to add some vegetable proteins with legumes such as chickpeas and lentils. They are cooked and canned, perfect to add directly to the salad after draining. It is one of the best sources of protein there is.


You can also add dairy products, which provide us with a great source of calcium such as cheeses, which are ideal for salads. In this case, it is also recommended to add fresh cheese since it is the one that has less fat. In addition, natural yogurt can sometimes be used as an excellent sauce to dress our salad in a different way.

Control the quantities

Sometimes our salad is healthy, but we sin precisely in the amounts because we think we can eat everything we want. As any meal has its calories, and although these are usually reduced should not be abused in any way. That is why we should always control the amounts we add in salads. It is necessary to use a container in which we control what we add and especially not to spend in those foods that can be a little more caloric to avoid surprises. It would not be the first time that you gain weight precisely by adding too many ingredients, sauces or quantity in a salad thinking that it is a dish that will always be healthy.

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