How to prepare the skin for summer

We are already in summer; it is undeniable not to notice it because of the high temperatures that we are suffering in a large part of Spain. With this heat, you want to remove layers and layers of clothing, what happens is that if you give us the sun for a long time we can burn ourselves.

Therefore, it is essential to prepare the skin for the summer. We have to expose ourselves to the sun little by little and gradually so that the skin is removing the most superficial layers and little by little it starts to look radiant and healthy.

Therefore, if you do not know how to prepare the skin so you can sunbathe safely and knowing that your skin will stay beautiful take note of our advice; sure to help you get the tan you want.

The best tips to prepare the skin for summer

Exfoliates the skin and prepares the skin

Take a natural scrub when you’re taking a shower, help remove the first layers of superficial skin full of dead cells that do not look beautiful or radiant.

An exfoliation, in addition, strengthens the skin, its elasticity and the softness of the skin, also contributes to the sun’s rays are not so aggressive and we can tan safely.

An exfoliation should include the entire body, face, and neck. Get a natural exfoliant that is made from products and 100% natural ingredients, with fine-medium grain to not endanger your skin and face. On the other hand, if you are looking to shave, you can also prepare your skin a few days before with an exfoliant to make it healthier and stronger.

If you do not have any scrub at hand, we suggest you do one simply by mixing a little honey with brown sugar. You can warm the honey a little so you can spread it better.


We are always talking about the importance of having and maintaining a well-hydrated body. In this case, we refer to using a moisturizer with great properties for the skin. If you can find some rich in almonds and ginger and with some caffeine you will also get, reaffirm, tone and improve the combustion of lipids, achieving a firm skin while hydrated.

Use it especially when you finish exfoliating the skin so that it is nourished and in perfect condition. Do not be afraid of abusing good body milk, get used to using it daily.

Do not forget the sun cream

The protection sun is vital for when we go to the beach, we must protect not only the sun and on the beach, also on terraces, when we go out walking or in places where sun exposure is very large. It seeks the highest protection and which has a high concentration of antioxidants that help curb cellular damage by UVA and UVB radiation.

Look for sun cream for the face and sun cream for the rest of the body, it is important to put on the cream half an hour before exposure so that you have time to act on our skin. Use a cream that has a factor greater than 50 fp and covers your skin, especially on face, shoulders, and neckline.

Change the feed to prepare the skin

You can increase the dose of beta – carotene to prepare the skin, antioxidant substances that cause the body to deal with free radicals present in the air.

You can increase the intake of broccoli, zucchini, spinach, melons or green asparagus. Delicious options to add to your diet to improve tanning and achieve it efficiently and effectively.

Do not hesitate to follow these tips to keep skin healthy and prepared for the summer, dedicate time to yourself to take care of yourself and not endanger the health of the dermis. Use natural products and be able to be of ecological origin, so you will make sure to contribute and give the best to your skin.

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