How to remove grains effectively without leaving a mark

Whenever we see some granite on the face we want to get rid of it immediately, we tend to touch it immediately without taking into account the hygiene of our hands, for example.

It is important to have a good facial hygiene to prevent the appearance of pimples and pimples. We tell you what you have to do to remove the grains without leaving a mark.

It is important to understand why we get the pimples to be able to combat them and prevent their appearance, often imports the food we carry, our routines of facial cleansing, genetic predisposition and many other factors such as pollution or pollution.

Why do the pimples come out?

We could assure without mistake that 100% of the population will have some granite in their face, it is a very common skin problem and it is not serious. Grains, pimples or pustules are produced when the sebaceous glands become clogged and can not expel dead cells and toxins out through the pores.

They become clogged when fat, dead cells or small dust particles accumulate on the skin causing these pimples with pus. Although on the other hand, the hormonal changes that we present during adolescence, excessive sweating or heat also influence their training.

Learn to remove the grains without leaving a mark

There are some techniques, guidelines, and tips to try not to leave us as well as the best techniques to eliminate them permanently without leaving a mark.

  • Do not try to touch us or blow them with your fingers. We tend to tighten them with our fingers in the same moment we see it, an impulse that we must stop because that can only cause an injury and subsequent injury to the skin.
  • Wash affected skin with special soaps with antiseborrheic properties. They help to eliminate and clean the impurities that remain in the pores so that the glands do not get clogged.
  • The natural remedy of honey and parsley, a combination with bactericidal and soothing effects that favor the prevention and elimination of granites. To make it mix a tablespoon of honey with parsley leaves, in a mortar to get a homogeneous paste that can be easily applied in granites.
  • Help yourself with an ice cube; cover it with gauze so it does not burn your skin. Keep it for 3 minutes until the inflammation subsides. You can repeat the process until the inflammation has completely subsided. Do not touch the grain with dirty hands to avoid getting infected.
  • The toothpaste can be very useful to dry the granites and make them disappear without leaving a mark. To get it just apply a little toothpaste on the granite before going to sleep and let it work throughout the night. In the morning you will appreciate that a pimple will have lowered its swelling and will be less visible.
  • Garlic can be very helpful in removing a pimple. It is simple home remedies to make, so take a couple of raw garlic, adds a few drops and create a homogeneous paste. Apply it on the grain and let it act for 15 minutes.
  • Treatment with lemon is a perfect citrus fruit to dry the grains, to benefit from the properties of the lemon apply the juice on the granite and massage to penetrate the pores, leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse the skin.

All the treatments with lemon make them at night since the lemon if it comes in contact with the sun’s rays can produce spots on the skin. Therefore, always apply them at night to avoid the sun’s rays.

These are some tips and treatments with natural products and very common for everyone so that in a moment of emergency we can eliminate without leaving our marks.

If you have severe and infectious acne, consult your dermatologist so that you can diagnose your skin type and the subsequent treatment, because the skin should be taken care of at all times.

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