How to sweating less, tips and tricks

Body sweat can appear at any time of our day, there are people who tend to sweat more and others less, but if you are looking for a way to sweating less we tell you how you can get it.

There are tricks to avoid this excess of sweating, they are simple tactics to carry out and very effective. Take note and find out yourself.

In the seasons of the year where heat is squeezed, it is impossible not to sweat a little for certain parts of the body, the body has as a mechanism to deal with that heat situation to sweat to regulate its temperature.

However, sweating excessively can be very annoying, we stain clothes, we can start to smell bad and we are not comfortable.

Not all people react equally to the heat or to a stressful situation that causes that sweat, but regardless of the amount, we want to tell you what are the best tricks, tips, and tactics you can do at home to improve that little problem.

Why is sweat generated?

We have to understand why sweat is formed, why humans have this characteristic that other mammals, for example, do not have or have other mechanisms.

Sweating helps regulate body temperature, eliminates toxins and wastes that our body does not want, such as ammonia or urea. We know that the average temperature of the human body has to be maintained between 36 and 37 degrees.

If you have a higher temperature the body warms up, the general functioning of our body changes and it starts to sweat.

We have glands known as sweat glands that are the ‘culprits’ of generating that liquid known as sweat. It is expelled through the pores reaching our skin.

When the sweat comes in contact with the outside air, it helps to cool the body temperature. If you sweat a lot you have to keep in mind that we are losing a lot of fluids and therefore we have to drink more water.

Sweating has always had many detractors, it is not always well received because on many occasions it creates uncomfortable situations because it smells bad, it stains our clothes, it makes us feel wet and not at all safe.

The smell of sweat occurs when that sweat reaches the surface of the skin and stays for a long time and our bacteria begin to feed on that generated sweat. It is then when they begin to form waste as fatty acids composed of sulfur or alcohols responsible for the bad smell.

Cheats to sweat less

Once learned how sweat is formed in the human body, we tell you those tricks that we all must know in order to control it in a correct and effective way.

Maybe some of you already know them; we hope to surprise you with each and every one of them.

Essential first step

Before performing these ‘treatments’, we have to maintain good body hygiene. The shower is essential and must be washed daily because this way we will avoid the proliferation of bacteria that form on the skin and give off a bad smell.

Here are our tips:

  • Talcum powder is very useful. Put a little talcum powder in the armpits, hands and in areas where you know you sweat often. Talcum powder is good for absorbing moisture and keeps bacteria from getting sweat.
  • Aloe Real is a well-known plant and serves so many things that it would not be less in this case. We can apply aloe Real gel in the armpits, has fungicidal, bactericidal properties that help to eliminate all those toxins that we have left over. It is definitely a natural deodorant.
  • The combination of bicarbonate and lemon is perfect to remove the bad smell, on the one hand, the bicarbonate cleanses the skin and the lemon acts as an antiseptic.
  • Drink plenty of water. It is important to stay hydrated so that the body can cleanse itself and expel bacteria and toxins better. Keep in mind that if we sweat a lot we can suffer from dehydration.
  • Shaving can be a solution. It will always depend on the amount of hair that we have; the partial or total hair removal of certain areas can help us that the sweat does not remain in the hair and thus perspire much better.
  • Take care of the diet, because the excess of sugar, salt, spicy condiments or even caffeine can make us sweat excessively.
  • Choose clothes well. We find different textiles; look for pieces of cotton or silk that are tissues that prevent sweating. On the other hand, do not use lycra, nylon or polyester clothes that are synthetic fabrics.
  • Use good deodorants, if commercial deodorants are not using you can ask at the pharmacy and get a quality and effective product.
  • Look for antiperspirant instead of deodorants. A good change would also be to try antiperspirant products that are more effective than deodorants to use.
  • Surgical treatments currently many people choose to inject Botox in the underarm area that slows down the functioning of the sweat glands. This effect lasts 6 months and is very safe.
Sweating is due to many reasons; you have to look for the real cause to be able to choose the best treatment.

We want to comment finally that in the most drastic and excessive cases you have to go to the dermatologist, there are people who sweat a lot, either in the armpits, palms or legs becoming a problem for them. Therefore, we should not be afraid to go to the specialist.

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