How to wash the quinoa and benefit from its properties

Everyone talks about quinoa as a superfood and it is not for less. Although it is a seed, it can be consumed as if it were a cereal. Its great health benefits make it more than essential in our diet and as such, we must know how to prepare it well. Do you know how to wash quinoa?

The question may seem a bit odd, but the truth is that it is one of the basic steps to take. Because if we want to soak up all the good things about this pseudo-cereal, which is not a little, then the first step we will take will be to wash the quinoa thoroughly. Discover how!

The benefits and properties of quinoa

Although we know that you have heard a lot about quinoa, it does not hurt to give a review of all those great benefits that our body expects. It does not contain gluten, which makes it perfect for celiac people. In every 100 grams of quinoa, we will find about 15 grams of fiber, as well as 16 grams of protein. While if you are thinking about fats, they will only be about 6 grams. What makes them basic in any diet? We cannot forget that it has vitamins, minerals and also omega 3 and 6 acids. It is good for people with diabetes or to control cholesterol levels. But yes, if in doubt, we should always ask our doctor.

Why do you need to wash the quinoa?

Sometimes we do not notice these types of steps and the truth is that they are crucial. If you wonder why that pre-wash of the quinoa is needed, we have the answer. It has a substance called saponin, which is responsible for coating the seeds. Many suggest that it is something toxic in large quantities, but there is no need to be alarmed. Simply by washing, we will be saying goodbye. In addition, if one day we clue and take the quinoa without having previously washed it, what we will notice is that it has a slightly bitter taste, but that it is not something harmful to our body.

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How to wash the quinoa step by step

  • We choose a wide bowl where we will throw the quinoa and we are spreading it. In this first step, without water. It is only to clean it a little in case it has small pebbles that can come between it.
  • Then, we cover the quinoa with warm water. Remove a couple of times and let it rest but only a few minutes.
  • We drain the water and return to perform the same step. That is, to fill the container with quinoa of warm water. With this second step, what we will do is make sure that it is really clean.
  • When a few minutes pass, we drain again and fill the container with cold water. In this way, we will let the quinoa stand for an hour.
  • After a time, we put it in a strainer and take it under the tap. There we give it a new wash and it will be ready to be cooked in the safest way.
  • We will put to the fire a pot with clean water and the drained quinoa. We will let it boil and our quinoa is cooked for about 15 minutes.wash the quinoa

A delicious dish with numerous preparations

The truth is that to save you work, it is always better to cook in large quantities. Then you can distribute it in toppers, once cold. In this way, you can prepare certain dishes in advance and not waste much time in the kitchen. Among the healthy dishes that we can do with quinoa, we highlight salads with chicken and quinoa, as well as eggplants stuffed with this cereal or soup with clams and also quinoa. Many people prefer to take it for breakfast instead of oatmeal.

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