Is it bad to eat salad at night?

Many people are looking to lose weight, looking for ways to achieve it by setting targets, changing their diet and adding exercise tables to their daily routine. We want to ask ourselves a question, we wonder if dinner salad at night helps us lose weight or instead, makes it difficult to lose weight healthily.

There has been a lot of talk about this topic, there is a widespread belief that thinking that having a salad dinner makes digestion complicated and does not really help us lose weight. We tell you all the information related to this topic.

Light dinners

It is believed that by eating salad at night it gets thinner, however, it is a very false and erroneous belief. Many nutritionists do not advise it because although it is considered a light dinner it is not clearly explained what type of salad is the one that suits us.

It is not healthy to dine the same thing every night and in this case, having a salad every night is not advisable. Still, it is still a good option to feed and lose weight because salads are composed of healthy foods, low in fat, carbohydrates and are rich in minerals and vitamins.

These essential nutrients also, if combined with other foods such as vegetable or animal protein and nuts will make that salad a very complete dish.

We must be aware that what adds to the salads is the seasoning that we add, therefore, opt for a basic dressing of oil and vinegar, use different spices or lemon. Do not abuse the oil and always select the best quality.

Finally, do not add fatty cheeses, croutons or fried and seasoned nuts.

We wonder if the lettuce is fattening

Lettuce is a food that does not make us fat, only that in this case, lettuce is not recommended to consume at night. This is because the lettuce is rich in insoluble fiber; the body digests it very slowly and can cause swelling and annoying gases.

The idea is to consume it for lunchtime, to give the body time to digest well the lettuce and other ingredients.

Here are some recommendations so you do not miss the choice; we explain how to cook and how to combine food.

  • If you are looking to lose weight, dinners should be light but they have to satisfy us so that we do not get stuck after hours. If we are hungry you will not rest well, choose a fruit or a yogurt if you do not want to eat anything.
  • Ideally, add some fruit or vegetables to the dinner, whether roasted vegetables, vegetable purees, broths or salads.
  • Always add a portion of animal or vegetable protein. It will help you to satisfy your appetite and to be satisfied.
  • You can add slowly assimilated carbohydrates to sate for longer, opt for brown rice, whole wheat bread or cooked potato.
  • Finally, consume a small piece of fruit, or a dairy product so that the body receives a dose of sugar to calm hunger and help sleep.

Characteristics of the lettuce

Here we tell you what are the characteristics of the lettuce, how many types we find and what benefits it gives to the organism.

  • Endive and romaine lettuce belong to the same family. They are rich in water, not just calories, low in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
  • L to lettuce has a satiating effect, thanks to its contribution in fiber; helps regulate cholesterol and blood glucose.
  • It helps us control weight, has depurative properties, helps regulate intestinal transit and eliminates waste in a healthy way.
  • Then It provides antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin C, provitamin A, potassium, iron, magnesium and folate. It helps control the onset of anemia during menopause.
  • There are many types of lettuce: iceberg buds, etc. There are not many differences between them, just that in comparison the Roman type contains more vitamin C than the iceberg, for example.
  • In this case, the canons are of the valerian family, therefore, they are the best option to rest better at night.
  • The lettuces are recommended at any age; they are very healthy and are perfect for the proper development of children.

It is essential to maintain a healthy eating routine, especially at night to achieve our weight goals. It is during dinner that we can gain more weight if we do not control ourselves.

You have to understand that not all foods are suitable to be consumed at night because we do not need so much energy to finish our day.

In that case, the salad is a good option, as long as it is healthy, do not abuse the heavy dressings and combine it with proteins and healthy foods.

However, we emphasize and remember that the lettuce will make our digestion slow, suffer abdominal swelling and gas.

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