Is it good to drink water during meals?

Surely some of these questions have crossed your mind: “Is it good to drink water during meals?” “Does it make you drink water while we eat?” And so on, until a long etcetera.

Drinking water during meals is the most normal and common, however, has been put in between many times, this time, we will tell you what are the reasons why this is said.

It is said that if you drink water in large quantities during the meal this can cause a decrease in the degree of acidity of the stomach because the water dilutes the gastric juices. So it causes the decomposition of food to be slower.

There are guidelines that we should all take into account during meals:

  • Do not drink water or very cold liquids, to avoid a decrease in stomach temperature.
  • You should drink more during the meal intervals.
  • However, it is recommended in some cases to drink water during the meal.

So in principle, both one thing and the other are healthy.

Characteristics of water together with food

Water and diets to lose weight

It has always been said that water helps to lose weight, take away the extra pounds and this is because water helps to generate satiety and prevents hunger, makes us eat less.

In this case, carbohydrates, accompanied by high-fiber foods make us drink water quickly because food increases its volume in the stomach.

The fiber helps to capture the sugars inside the intestine, preventing them from entering the bloodstream and even being absorbed at the intestinal level.

Fluid retention

Water does not cause you to have liquid retention, in fact, avoids them. Water does not swell the body; in fact, helps eliminate toxins from the body through the urine, thus improving the activity of the kidneys.

The water dilutes the toxins concentrations of the organism so when passing through the kidneys, it greatly facilitates their work. In addition, that diuretic power helps us lose excess fluid that can be located in the legs, for example.

On the other hand, it dilutes the amount of salt in foods, avoids spikes in blood pressure and fluid retention. The same applies to alcoholic beverages, if we drink water while drinking alcohol, the alcohol content in blood will be lower and the liver will be helped to process it properly.

Myths about water

Within nutrition we find a great variety of myths and falsehoods that are transmitted from generation to generation, many are denied based on studies, however, many others are still active.

  • Water has no calories, and it does not make us fat if we consume it during meals. If we consume it before meals it will help us to eat less because we will be satisfied before.
  • As mentioned above, it does not cause fluid retention.
  • Water does not increase the caloric value of any food, in fact, it helps your digestion.
  • Actually, it should not be generalized with the number of liters that should be taken per day, because each person has different needs, according to age, work, and health condition.

Water is the most important drink we have, it may seem boring or dull to many people, but there are many techniques to flavor it to be able to consume it properly.

Water prevents dehydration of the body, is one of the largest connectors of nutrients in the body, organs need water and food to function properly. It is not surprising that we ourselves have water in our interior or that our planet has two-thirds of water and one of the earth.

Regardless of whether mineral or tap water is consumed, we have to verify that the quality of the water is portable so that the mineralization it possesses is correct and can benefit us.

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