Is it good to fast?

Many people perform fast in their daily life or have ever done it, instead, many others do not know how to do it or think it is harmful.

If you want to know more about fasting, keep reading these lines, as we will talk about exactly what fasting is and what are the benefits and contraindications that we should keep in mind.

Fasting in a controlled way can be beneficial for the organism. Fasting consists of eating a small number of daily calories, a dose between 280 and 300 calories a day in the form of liquids, infusions, juices or vegetable broths.

What is fasting?

Fasting is not introducing solid food in the body, so it collects and acquires the energy of the reserves that are inside. Fasting suppresses the great part of necessary daily calories, although always something is consumed so as not to force the organism.

  • Nothing solid is consumed. Only low-calorie liquids.
  • You can only drink liquids, avoiding exceeding 300 calories per day.
  • Avoid coffee, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • Fasting is something physiological and natural; the organism can fast without us realizing it.
  • There is no need to go hungry, during the fast the appetite must disappear.
  • During the fast, the reserves of the body are used and these are spent intelligently.

Benefits of Fasting

Voluntary and controlled fasting can greatly benefit the organism. A method that is practiced all over the world for cultural, religious or traditional reasons. For example, during Lent for Catholics or the month of Ramadan for Muslims.

However, in recent decades, many people have acquired this practice and introduced it into their healthy lifestyle due to the benefits it offers.

  • The organism achieves a rebalancing as long as it finds in the body the necessary reserves to achieve it.
  • It is an effective method to treat rheumatic diseases.
  • Improves chronic pain
  • It regulates blood pressure, being beneficial for hypertensive patients.
  • Helps to reduce the impact of chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases.
  • It palliates the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

Fasting can be done by anyone, although there are some contraindications or aspects to take into account to be able to perform safely and health.

To consider

The person, who wants to perform fasting, must be aware that it is a practice that must be done safely, so you have to understand the concept well and not lengthen it much in time. In addition, it must be made clear that it is a voluntary practice.

  • It can not be done if you suffer from serious illnesses.
  • Avoid fasting if you are continuously medicating.
  • When the fasting has to be done, the body must have reserves.
  • It should be avoided if we have liver, kidney or heart failure.
  • The patient must control the fast at all times.
  • If there is any discomfort the person should stop fasting and return to their normal diet.
  • You may feel nauseated.
  • Having a headache or irritability.


The therapeutic fasting and controlled in a controlled way yes that is beneficial for the organism as long as we are able to take it in a healthy way and not exceed in time. It is a simple method to perform and also very economical, it is ideal to start preparing the body and then make a diet of weight loss because the body does not have the need to consume so many foods and begins to use more reserves.

Fasting can benefit us a lot; besides, it helps the body to eliminate any toxins and bacteria that could be found in it, because the system does as a kind of reset.

If you are thinking of fasting to lose weight, because you feel bloated, because you feel bad, check with your doctor so you can determine the type of fasting, the food you need and how you should do it to avoid endangering your health.

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