Learn to take care of your intimate area with the following tips

The intimate area of a woman must be taken care of with the best products and in the best way so that no anomaly can develop.

We know that it is a delicate area and requires our attention; we tell you the guidelines and everything you have to take into account to take care of your intimate area in a natural and effective way.

Surely you have ever had some ‘problem’ in that area, it is normal because it is a sensitive area and if we do not keep it clean and taken care of it may be disturbed without wanting it.

We know that it has a different pH and that it has to regulate itself, however, we can help it to be much more ‘happy’.

The vaginal discharge is rich in healthy bacteria that allow attacking the pathogens, in the embargo, sometimes it can weaken that natural barrier and leads to infections or bad odor.

We should not abuse douching or excessive hygiene with soaps because they could cause an alteration of the pH and flora of the area, pay attention to our advice so that your intimate area is well cared for and healthy.

Recommendations for the care of our intimate area

Intimate hygiene

Hygiene is paramount, but we should not obsess because we could alter the pH. We have to select neutral and quality products so that the area stays balanced and clean.

We must create hygiene habits, use intimate soaps that neutralize odors and fluids as long as they respect the pH. To prevent irritations and infections wash the area with soap and water, dry well because the humidity is not good and could cause bad microorganisms.

Cotton underwear

In the market, there are many intimate garments, of all kinds: cotton, lycra, lace, microfiber, etc. In addition, of all types and forms: panties girdle, culottes, normal panties, thongs, etc.

The type of underwear that we use in our day to day can be the key to suffer or not infections in the area, because if we use some types of textiles such as lycra or synthetic materials, the humidity may continue to increase the number of bacteria.

We have to choose breathable fabrics such as cotton or natural materials, ideal to create a natural environment that makes the area protected while being careful.

Do not take too many douches

Many women are aware of the smell of their vagina and therefore, touch to eliminate that smell and prevent bacteria from proliferating. However, they do not think that these bacteria are beneficial to control the health of their intimate area and protect it from infections.

The douching can produce an alteration of the pH and the flora, for that reason, it controls the cadence and the number of times that you realize them.

Maintain a healthy sex life

It is very important to take care of ourselves in all the sexual relationships that we maintain, either with our partner or in our sporadic relationships. We have to protect ourselves through barriers like the condom so as not to run the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

If we choose to use intimate lubricants or erotic toys, look for the highest quality options, erogenous products that are hypoallergenic. Avoid aggressive products as they can irritate your vagina, cause bad smell and another discomfort.

On the other hand, it is advised that after a sexual relationship go to the bathroom to urinate and clean the area well so that no bacteria affects us.

During menstruation changes tampons and compresses

Although it is obvious to say it, we have to take into account the times of use of compresses and tampons. During the menstrual period should be changed every 4 hours, so that the bleeding does not remain long in the area, these bleeding increases the pH levels and can also cause bad odors.

When we menstruate there is an inevitable change in the area, the blood is of a different pH and much higher than that of the vagina when it is in a ‘normal’ state. To avoid infections such as bad odor, change properly and every so often your compresses or tampons.intimate area

Control of moisture in the intimate area

The vagina should not be dry, the vaginal discharge makes it always lubricated and it is normal to be wet. However, we must take care of external moisture such as keeping a bikini or a swimsuit wet for a long time or wearing tight pants that press the area.

If we do not control the humidity, fungi, bacteria or skin problems may proliferate in the area.

Do not abuse sponges

Sponges, if not changed regularly, can be a place where bacteria and microorganisms reside and can affect the intimate area.

Actually, it is preferable not to use sponges in the area, for this reason, so we will avoid all contact of the bacteria with our intimate area. Excessive contact could cause skin lesions, irritation or itching.

Keep in mind these tips to avoid problems in the future in this important area of your body, dedicate time and attention.

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