Makeup blonde, blond color makeup (part-1)

blond color makeupBlondes should wear a special attention to their makeup for not going overboard. Quick summary of things to do and not do.

Makeup for blondes: each his blond color palette
Choose her makeup is not easy for all women. It depends on the type of skin, complexion, color of eyes etc.

Their makeup, blondes are very often faced with the dilemma of what colors or shades should they choose to enhance their complexion usually pale.

The difficulty lies in the harmony of colors with the skin tone. Neither too dark nor too light, the makeup should be natural blondes and avoid flashy colors too.

The colors adopted for the makeup of a blonde are not necessarily the same for all blondes. Some skin more matte than others, so they can wear brighter colors. The color palette also differs depending on the color of your eyes, skin tone etc.

To beautify the complexion blondes, natural makeup is obligatory:
Before applying foundation:
For more sensitive areas in blondes, redness around the nose, for example, choose to apply a green base or anti dark circles pale. It will correct small imperfections related to skin sensitivity blondes.

We must respect the complexion of the skin during makeup; blondes may have both a pale or milky mate.

The important use of the foundation is to choose a base that will not add color to your face (it will be the role of the blush, the lipstick etc.) but unify your complexion. So avoid too dark shades or orange and opt for funds dyed beige clear. Alsoeyeshadow has a preference for foundations fluids.

To add color to their makeup, blondes may prefer a blush in shades of pink. Indeed good looks guaranteed!

Eye makeup
To enhance your look, your choice of eyeshadow depends on the color of your eyes. Indeed, it is not always advisable to match the color of the eyeshadow with the color of his eyes at the risk of devaluing his eyes.
Apart from this basic rule of makeup, blondes can afford almost any color of eyeshadow! Be careful, however, to apply sparingly.

For blushes eye, we recommend the following colors:

    • If you are blond with blue eyes: Embrace the color salmon, pink, khaki, gray, purple etc. For mascara, black highlight your eyes like brown or gray.
      As in pencil, prefer gray or brown. The black is not necessarily recommended for blue eyes.
    • If you are blond with green eyes: choose the colors next, pink, plum, gray or brown. They will bring out the color of your eyes. For mascara, advantages both brown for a natural effect than black for a more sophisticated effect.
    • If you are blonde with brown eyes: they have the advantage of being able to afford everything. For eyeshadow, benefit warm tones.

The mascara should preferably be of the same color as your pencil (black or dark brown). The advantage of opting for dark colors (for your mascara and your pencil) on your eyes is to give the impression that the iris of your eye is clear.

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