Makeup blonde, blond color makeup (part-2)

blond color makeupTo optimize their makeup, blondes harmonize the color of their lips that their blush. You can, however, choose a darker tone to disguise your mouth.
The tone of your lips will depend on your skin tone.

  • If you are blonde pale skin, makeup lips with gloss or lipstick pink blue. Also, opt for shades of apricot or peach skin and leave for the more matt dark red. They risk hardening your face.
  • If you are blonde skinned, dare shades of pink, scarlet, and raspberry. Avoid beige tones with cons that are too bland compared to the complexion of your face.

Makeup according to blondes occasions and seasons
Makeup blonde finally depends on the occasion. It is true that in their makeup, blondes should be less extravagant than can the brown.
During the day, the blonde will prefer a natural or “nude” but for the evenings, they can wear more daring metallic colors.

Finally, the season’s makeup blondes may vary expanding their color palette.

  • In summer, when the blond hair is revived by the sun, blondes can choose colors beige or peach.
  • In winter, when the skin is slightly paler colors you can focus in the same colors but a bit more lively effect for good looks.

The colors for the benefit makeup blonde
Any color cold! Opt for bright colors, metallic and cool colors such as pink, green, blue or gray for example. Finally, the choice of colors for the makeup of a blonde must be based on the various elements mentioned above (complexion of the skin, eyes, etc.).

In short, blonde makeup:

  • Choose your colors according to your skin tone and eye color, choose pastel colors.
  • Draw your colors from a palette of cool colors.
  • Avoid too flashy colors that will age harden or your face.
  • Daily, makeup should rather be natural blondes. Keep brighter colors for the evenings.
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