Makeup for oily skin

oily skin makeupHaving oily skin rather quickly become problematic when you have to wear makeup. Think that makeup is an art because it is used to highlight strengths and hide its flaws, but when is it if we must make up oily skin? Are there specific products? Should we follow certain rules to avoid unsightly shine effects that can reveal areas of the face?

Some makeup tips for oily skin

Hunting makeup for oily skin can quickly become tedious, but there are specific makeups for oily skin. Fortunately, there are a few rules that you can trust.

Many professional makeup artists consider makeup for oily skin should not be oily base body. This is why we advise you to avoid all moisturizers oil-based as well as all other fat texture. In fact, this type of cosmetics brought into contact with oily skin will generate “gleam” on the surface of the face, blemishes and blackheads long.

In contrast, cosmetics, water-based care are among the best to use for oily skin. They will give you a fresh feeling and make your skin radiant all day. In addition to the use of water-based makeup, you can also opt for a mattifying cream. For younger children use creams and imperfections from 30 years, a UV filter…

What should be done to limit the effect of oily skin?

One of them is to moisturize the skin for perfect makeup and skin less oily. Daily moisturized of the skin is important but being careful to comply with certain other equally important points.

It is strongly advised to forget cleansing. Be sure to properly remove makeup every night to prevent clogged pores and allow your skin to breathe. Cleaning the skin morning and night is essential for healthy skin. The scrub is also regularly used because it has a regenerative capacity of the skin through the removal of dead cells and skin outer layers which tend to thicken.

Think also of the green clay mask, applying once or twice a week it will clean the skin and limit excess sebum. By following these tips you will avoid having oily skin or oily during the day.

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