Makeup tips for pale skin

pale skinIf you are of those women who has a pale complexion here are some tips that can help with your makeup.

The pale skin tends to be transparent and prone to sun damage which leads to rapid aging. So if you live in the sunny weather and the first thing you think is in protecting the skin.

The foundation or day cream with SPF protection helps protect your skin from damage and premature aging. Finding the right foundation is the key to the success of makeup. Finding the right shade for pale skin is a task to further advice on makeup for pale skin.

Opt for the yellow-tinged foundation or beige to warm the skin. They also cover up any redness. To cover dark circles or vessels under the eyes also used the color corrector beige tones not contrast with your skin, but also hide the circles.

To choose the appropriate basis for pale skin tones proof that you think match your skin tone in the back of the palm of your hand. The professional beauty consultant or store can help you choose the right shade for your skin. Avoid orange or pink bases, especially if you have a background of pink in the skin.

Avoid very dark colors that contrast with your skin tone or you may end up looking garish. This does not mean, however, cannot be rich jewel tones look in your eyes and lips. Instead of to black eyeliner gray or brown. Avoid clear lines in your makeup mix all the products as well.

Choose champagne, brown or pink eye in makeup every day. Also do not forget to consider your hair and eye color and choose shades that complement and make your eyes look great. Define your eyebrows if they are too light. Thus you will make your face a little brighter but do not exaggerate.

Blush should look natural on the cheeks otherwise you look like a clown, and definitely do not want that. Go for the color of peach blush pink as they can carry out all the redness in your face. Do not forget that you should always mix products as well.

Deserve lips color. In the makeup every day can go nude peach or pink, but if you want a touch of color ranging from coral, berry red and brown. The lip color should go well with the color of your hair to not look too garish or over the top.

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