Makeup tricks to lose weight

MAKEUP TRICKSYou do not have to be a professional to wear extraordinary makeup. Just use a few tricks, and today we’ll show you. The makeup helps us to outline the face and define the face. Creating a look of high cheekbones and a finer nose and chin. The first thing you have to identify is the shape of the face. Then the way we want to give it.

You must start with applying the foundation of the same tone of your skin. Never do it afterward since the skin can be seen in an uneven tone. Match the base of the makeup with that of your neck skin, since this is usually slightly lighter than the face.

Once the base is applied, from learning to contour the face with the correctors to generate zones of light and shadow that allow you to give it a different shape. You need at least a darker tone and a lighter shade and a thin brush.

Apply the darker color below the cheekbone, inside to the ear, and diagonally. If you want to highlight more the cheekbones add a lighter color above this line. If you have a very wide jaw, apply the dark tone on the line. The same applies to the forehead, on the hairline if it is too wide, and to the sides or in the center of the nose to modify it.

With the lighter color highlights, the features that are small: above the upper lip will give a greater voluptuousness, under the eye and the eyebrow enlarge the look. This trick is ideal to place it in those areas that we want to give greater emphasis.

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