Maybelline Colossal Smoky Eyes

The smoky eyes trend has been treated several times. But this time we want to recommend a new product from the Maybelline New York house. This is the Colossal Smoky Eyes mascara, first of the house to achieve a perfect smoky effect in a single pass. With this mask you will get a spectacular and intense look, your lashes will look extra long and extra black.

In short, your eyes will be envy and with just a brushstroke. The secret lies in its composition and in the morphology of the brush.


  • The black pigment is Kohl, a powerful soot-based cosmetic of great intensity and duration.
  • Contains collagen to give body and volume to the eyelashes.
  • The brush is the thick brush with numerous bristles to separate lashes well and that the product will slide right through them, avoiding lumps.

The mask has to apply the well near the root. Sliding the brush toward the tips with a movement from left to right. Repeat this operation twice and you will see the effect that your lashes look like. Is now a light foundation, a touch of blush and lip gloss, and you’re ready to face the day. A quick and simple makeup but with spectacular results thanks to the effect you will have on the eyes.If you want a more intense look or a make-up for the night. You can complement your eyes to achieve a much stronger smoky effect by combining the mascara. With the Color Tattoo 24h eye shadow and with the Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner profiler.

Before applying the mask,

use the Eye studio black profiler by drawing a very thin line on the root of the lashes of the upper eyelid, from the inside to the outside (this product is a mixture of Kohl pencil and liquid liner, applied with a brush, included in the package). When you are half-eyelid, try to make the line thicker. Diffuse it with a medium brush. The effect of this profiler is long-lasting, and can also be used on the lower eyelid. Next, apply with your finger the color-black cream gel 24h Color, from the outside to the inside, and also diffuse it with a brush. Now you can finish the job by applying the mask Colossal Smoky Eyes and ….ยก is fine! you’re ready for the night.

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