Medicinal plants to relieve cold symptoms

When the temperatures change, it starts to get cold or we find ourselves with low defenses, we may have a bad feeling and we are suffering from symptoms for two weeks.

In nature, we find many beneficial plants that help us to avoid those annoying symptoms and help us to effectively overcome the discomforts.

Plants should be consumed in moderation because despite being healthy we do not have to abuse them because a massive intake could cause damage and other unwanted symptoms.

Medicinal plants against the cold

Colds affect our mood, our well-being in general and can make us sick for several days. The most common symptoms regarding colds are a sore throat, cough, congestion, runny nose, headache, among others.

Here are some simple treatments you can do at home to alleviate all those symptoms of the cold.

Mint, eucalyptus, and pine vapors

The mixture of these plants is very effective to clear the nasal passages quickly. The vapors are very simple to make and can alleviate and make the mucus disappear to help you breathe naturally.

The nose is irritated, we can not breathe well and we feel even more irritable because we have a general malaise. We tell you how you have to do it.


In a liter of water mix leaves of eucalyptus, mint, and pine. Bring to a boil and let boil, when the steam comes out approach carefully and with a towel picks up all the steam so it does not evaporate and hits the face and nose.

Aspirate that steam for at least 10 minutes to benefit from its medicinal properties. If you want to increase the benefits you can add drops of essential oils.

Licorice to avoid a cough

Licorice is a delicious plant to a couple of benefits to not have a cough and thus control one of the most annoying symptoms in colds. It is very uncomfortable and painful, it may not allow us to rest well, and therefore, a solution is to take an infusion of licorice.

Boil half a liter of water and enough licorice roots. Boil for 5 minutes, strain and take with a little honey to protect the throat.

This infusion is anti-inflammatory and very powerful; in addition, it is a muscle relaxant. Although it is beneficial, we can not consume more than two cups a day.

Echinacea to end the cold

Echinacea is a very beneficial plant because it is immunostimulant, has a slight effect to reduce the times and symptoms of colds. Therefore, it is one of the plants that we must always have on hand to help us improve our health in a short time.

To get the beneficial effects and faster, get the Echinacea in tincture, you will find it in any herbalist. Although you can also make Echinacea infusion as in the case of licorice roots.

We recommend asking the store’s expert on natural products how we should take it and in what quantities because we do not have to exceed it either. Also, make sure it is 100% natural.

All the plants we have described are very beneficial; however, there are many others that can also be used, such as sage, chamomile, ginger root or lemon. Combine the plants that you like most to relieve those cold symptoms to improve your health quickly.

If you have respiratory problems, chronic pains in the throat or a lot of fever, do not hesitate to see your doctor so he can tell you the medication or treatment you should follow to improve, because a badly cured cold can lead to other more serious illnesses that could cause much more damage.

Practically everyone has suffered a cold very hard, the next and you will be more prepared to fight it from the first day thanks to these medicinal plants that benefit us for their high properties.

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