Myths about speeding up metabolism to lose weight

Our body has the ability to produce energy and burn calories through the metabolism process. The metabolism can vary in each person and as is normal, many think that if we increase it our body will lose weight quickly.

Today we want to tell you what are the myths that are related to metabolism because not everything that is said is true, we will tell you below.

The metabolism brings together several processes performed by the body, such as breathing, thinking, digesting, blood circulation, regulating body temperature, having energy, etc.

There is a very common belief that if metabolism is increased or accelerated this will help us lose weight and lose weight; however, we also find another series of myths that if we take them as true could be counterproductive.

Myths about metabolism

Exercise speeds up metabolism for a long time

Exercise speeds up our metabolism, but it is not true that this metabolism is active for many hours after physical activity. The burning of calories occurs when the heart rate rises, ideally cycling or swimming as they do not impact exercises and help us stay strong and healthy.

They may continue to burn calories, but only one hour after exercising. Once we stop and rest our metabolism will slow down and recover the usual rhythm.

Having more muscle will make us lose weight

The muscle is responsible for burning fat, so if we have more muscle fat will disappear quickly and they will be responsible for stimulating the metabolism. This is a half belief, it is true that more fat will be burned and the metabolism will increase, however, it will only do so to a small extent.

Increasing muscle mass is healthy and will make you stronger, however, it is not synonymous with losing weight faster. The muscles themselves burn very few calories. However, the brain, heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs are the organs that most increase our metabolism and activity.

Therefore, perform physical activity that makes your heart beat faster. We also advise you to lift weights so that bones and muscles are stronger. Insert strength exercises with aerobic exercise.

There are foods that accelerate our metabolism

There are certain foods that do speed up the metabolism, especially green tea, foods high in caffeine, or hot peppers. They are perfect for losing weight; in addition, to give a boost to the metabolism, however, they are not strong enough to consume them just for their slimming action.

We have to choose the foods that best suit us, healthy, fresh and seasonal foods that help us cover all our nutritional needs.

Making small meals during the day speeds up our metabolism

Making many meals with a small amount of food has always been recommended to lose weight and increase metabolism, however, it has not been contrasted with scientific evidence. Ideally, distribute meals throughout the day with small, nutrient-rich portions.

The ideal is to eat when the body is hungry and not force it because if we eat gluttony this will make us fat.

Sleeping well increases and speeds up our metabolism

This is true, a good rest makes our body have a more active metabolism, and therefore, whenever we seek to lose weight we must always have a good rest, minimum of 8 hours a day. It has been proven that people who rest and sleep well do not gain weight like people who rest poorly.

With age, the metabolism becomes slower

As a child, our metabolism begins to be established and depending on the activity of each child will be one way or another. The same applies to adults, if we do not incorporate physical exercise, our metabolism will be slower, so we have to learn to control the size of meals and make adequate meals.

Learning to eat and rationalize meals and their sizes is very important so that we do not have weight problems in the future.

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