Myths of food

There are many myths about the foods that we usually believe. Most of all because the vast majority of them are based on those ideas that have been passed down from generation to generation. In this way, we believe things that are somewhat false. So, today we will attack the most commented ones.

It is the experts who have done different studies on each of the myths of food. Hence, we can change ideas from today. Beliefs that are dismantling and, although we find it hard to believe them, we must accept them because it is the reality of our health.

The consumption of eggs and cholesterol

One of the great myths of food. We have always thought that consuming eggs increased cholesterol a lot. So you had to limit your consumption a lot or, take the clear of it. We only allowed one per week, but really this is another of the most common myths. It is true that they have cholesterol but not in such large quantities. In addition, eggs give us many proteins, which is one of the great bases of our diet. It has been confirmed that it has no effect on cardiovascular health.

Honey makes more fat than sugar

It is another of the false myths. Of course, in this case, it was Whips who dared to give him a voice. Because it was measured the calories that sugar had with powdered honey so that they were in equal conditions. After the investigations, it was clarified that 100 grams of sugar 400 Calorie. While the 100 grams of honey, we would leave 300 Calorie.

Vitamins of juices go quickly

Perhaps with this myth, we already have things a little clearer, but even so, it has been another of the myths of food that has always given much to talk about. In this case, a freshly squeezed orange juice was analyzed and the same, after several hours. The result was as expected: After the hours passed, the vitamins were still in place. It does not matter if we take it more or less quickly. But it is true that a fresh juice will always be richer on the palate.

Breadcrumb fattening more

No, the crumb of bread does not make more than bark. All the bread is made with the same ingredients that are why it is another one of the most propagated but really false myths. In addition, studies claim that the crumb still weighs less than the bark, since more water is concentrated in it. It is said that up to just over 40%.

Eating chocolate makes us happier

Well, in this case, it is true. Both desserts as chocolate itself or ice cream. Apparently, everything is given because it stimulates a part of the brain. Thus, we feel fuller than if we only drink or eat other types of foods. Although the test concluded that not only the fact of eating and stimulates us but also to see them as images, for example. We love sweets so much!

Light foods do not get fat

With this topic, there have always been numerous speculations. Because the vast majority thinks that being light will help us lose weight or at least, not raise it. Sometimes, these types of products have more calories than we could imagine. That is, they have fewer calories than the basic product, but still, with enough calories to drink. So that light is not always a good option.

The best fruit with skin

In this case, we are facing another of the myths but true. Although it is true that we often remove the skin of many of them, it is best to wash them well and consume them with it, as far as possible. Because according to studies, fiber is in greater quantity in the part of the skin than in the pulp. Similarly, if we take it, we increase the dose of vitamin C.

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