Optimize the use of your self tanning

self tanningWe are interested in self-tanning and how to apply them: Having a beautiful tanned skin and looking beautiful.

The self-tanning products contain dihydroxyacetone or DHA of which stimulates the skin color. There are different doses of DHA for different brands and products: the lowest dosages (2-3%) are reserved for the lighter skin the dosage to 5% for darker skin.

And now, a small overview of the different types of packaging and how they are applied:

Cream or milk: the most classic. Rub a dollop of self-tanning cream in your hands and drop in slowly on your skin and then massage the area to be colored so informed, until completely absorbed. Wait ten minutes to dress so as not to stain your clothing.

Frost: Frost, unlike cream, is devoid of fat. It rapidly penetrates the skin and dries quickly. As for the cream, you massage the area to color and wait until fully absorbed your skin does not stick to put on your clothes. The gel tends to dry out the skin it is more advisable for the normal and oily skin. People with dry skin should avoid using it.

The spray: it sprays a mist of sunless tanner evenly over your skin. It allows you not to put too much and smooth with the palm of the hand.

The foam: it is a new texture that is beginning to democratize the market. It spreads easily and absorbs quickly without sticking. The foam is richer in tanning moisturizers that spray or gel. Its texture is pleasant to work and its application is easy because of its lightness.

In general, it is better to use two different textures: for the face, self-tanning moisturizers rich is more appropriate, so choose a self-tanning cream or mousse. For the body is up to you! Be careful if you have very dry skin, avoid freezing.

For the application, you can also use a small sponge moistened, it eliminates too full before smoothing.

Wash your hands with soap after application it would be a shame to ruin everything with hands strangely colored!

Here are some tips and precautions to take before and during application of a self-tanning:

  • Perform a full body scrub and wash your face and your skin. This will allow better penetration of the color and harmonize where the layers of the epidermis are thicker: elbows, knees etc … One must renewe the scrub regularly to remove dead cells and the “orange spots” due to successive applications.
  • Moisturize your skin well before applying self-tanner
  • Never apply the product on irritated or fragile skin.
  • Do not use deodorants, perfumes, creams or lotions to facilitate penetration of the product.
  • The hair interfere with the proper distribution of tanning, it is preferable to a hair a day or two before. If irritation resulting from hair removal, wait some more.
  • On the face, blend the product well especially around the eyebrows the hair root. For the rest of the body be careful not to allow an overflow at the folds of the knees, heels, and knuckles.
  • The skin takes its color about two hours after application, so do not water during this time.
    After applying self-tanner, wear loose clothing to avoid staining and the best is dressing after 15 minutes.

For the back and shoulders, it may be wise to seek help to avoid leaving traces and pristine color. The institute application is a good alternative since they often offer packages body care, exfoliation and application of self-tanner at attractive prices. In the salon, the tanning is often in the form of the lotion, with a specific formula product cabin.

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