Properties and benefits of mangosteen juice

Today we will talk about the mangosteen juice, a fruit from Asia that is considered exotic and that provides great properties to the body. This fruit has become quite popular in Western countries because it seems to help prevent cancer.

The mangosteen is also known as mangosteen or mangosteen. It is a fruit of a red tone on the outside with white flesh inside. To choose them we must see that the shell is intact and that it yields a little with the fingers since this is when it matures. This fruit is well preserved for a few weeks in warm, dry and closed places.

High potassium content

If something stands out mangosteen juice is that it has a high content of potassium. This substance is what helps us transmit nerve impulses, which is why it is recommended to everyone, but above all to athletes who lose fluids. It is perfect if there is dehydration for some reason since it is a fruit with a lot of water that also restores this amount of potassium. It has some carbohydrates, so it has more calories than other fruits, but its great content in water and fiber makes it ideal for any diet if taken in moderation. Obviously, those who have a diet low in potassium due to kidney problems should be careful with it.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most present in this fruit, so it is also a food that helps us at these times of the year. This vitamin helps the immune system to stay strong when it comes to combating colds, which is why it must be taken all year round. On the other hand, this vitamin synthesizes collagen and fights free radicals, which in the long run keeps us younger and prevents diseases such as some types of cancer. If you are one of the people who are prone to anemia due to lack of iron, this vitamin helps its absorption in the body, so you can help by consuming this fruit.

The xanthones

Xanthones are biologically active molecules that what they do is fight problems like viruses or fungi in the body, and this fruit contains a lot. That is why it is a fruit that in Asian countries is also used as medicine and that is currently being used as preventive medicine. The fruit in antibacterial and antifungal, so it can help us with many health problems. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps the body to stay in good condition.


This fruit contains a large number of antioxidants that protect the DNA to avoid mutations that can cause various types of cancer. Each time more is known about the mechanisms of this disease and how it acts on the body. The process of inflammation and destruction of cells slows down with foods that are anti-inflammatory and have antioxidants. All fruits help us to a greater or lesser extent but there are some that have stood out for this work, such as the mangosteen. In fact, research is already underway to find out to what extent it can prevent cancer.

Choose the juice well

If we are going to take the mangosteen juice, we must take into account some detail. One of them is that the juice should be natural, avoiding preservatives and anything that could spoil its benefits. The best we can do is squeezing the juice directly from the fruit to be able to take it with all its properties. Commercialized juices always have chemicals that spoil these benefits.

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