Properties and benefits of oat bran

The oat bran is the food resulting from the refinement of the oat grain. It is a cereal that is considered more complete and healthier, so everyone should include it in their usual diet, especially in the first meals of the day, because it provides energy to start the day.

This oat bran is recommended for anyone but especially for athletes who need constant energy and recovery, and also for those who have intestinal problems, even with diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome. Below we will see the reasons why we should include oat bran in our diet as of today.

Oat bran for weight loss

The truth is that you cannot say that any product we lose weight simply. However, in the case of oat bran, it is included in the diet to lose weight because it has satiating properties. When we go on a diet reducing caloric intake, it is common to have the feeling of hunger, so we must help with foods such as oat bran, which has many nutrients and prevents hunger and ends up chopping unhealthy food between meals.

Its nutritional properties tell us that it is an adequate product to maintain a good diet. 100 grams of oats provide about 250 kcal with 66 grams of carbohydrates, 16 grams of protein, and 7 grams of fat and 16 grams of fiber. It is undoubtedly a food that offers plenty of carbohydrates and fats but is included in the diets because it keeps our appetite stable and does not have a high glycemic index.

Food for athletes

This is a highly recommended food for those who play sports regularly. It has a high content of vegetable proteins, so it helps us maintain muscle mass while doing sports. On the other hand, it offers a great feeling of satiety that we have already talked about. It keeps the blood sugar levels stable so that we maintain energy throughout the day, without spikes of sugar and energy drops. Their quality hydrates contribute to offer that energy that is needed to do sport.

Good for the intestine

Oat bran is a great food for our intestinal health due to the amount of soluble fiber it has. This fiber has been shown to be effective in reducing bad cholesterol in the body since it causes it to be excreted in the faces. In addition, bran avoids constipation for better intestinal health. It is a good food for those people who suffer from constipation or problems in the intestine, preventing problems such as hemorrhoids. However, you should never abuse foods with a lot of fiber, as they can have the opposite effect, causing upset stomach or diarrhea. Before starting to include this type of food in the diet and if we have any problems we should consult with our doctor to recommend the best foods.

How to take oat bran

Oat bran should not be abused, so one to three tablespoons per day is recommended. This food is highly recommended in the mornings, to start the day and avoid the feeling of hunger. It can be mixed with yogurt or milk. We must bear in mind that it absorbs a lot of water and that we will notice how it swells. Another way to take it is in a natural shake every morning. These shakes can be made with yogurts, fruits, and seeds to give them interesting nutritional values. It will be added one to three tablespoons in the smoothie to enjoy a full and satisfying breakfast. Another way to take the bran is in the morning juices.

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