Properties of Garcinia cambogia or Tamarind Malabar

The Garcinia cambogia is a shrub that grows in southern India and offered a fruit that is edible and has great properties. Nowadays it has become quite a trend due to the ability they have to help lose weight. There are many supplements that have emerged due to the recent popularity of Garcinia cambogia.

This fruit offers substances that help the body to lose weight, although it must be said that there are no scientific studies to ensure this quality or the degree of ability of the fruit to make us lose weight. However, there are many people who have joined the fashion of taking Garcinia cambogia, usually mixed with other assets that increase that capacity, such as L-Carnitine or green tea.

What is Garcinia cambogia?

This shrub grows in India and offers leaves and fruits that can be eaten. From these fruits are extracted the properties that are so good for the body and that help to lose weight. Until recently it was a little-known fruit, but marketing has made it become another superfood that people use daily in their diets. At present we can find this fruit in supplements that have it concentrated and that sometimes mix with other ingredients to increase its slimming power. The fruit is not usually found in its natural form, but it is processed in the supplements that are concentrating. However, you should always look at the degree of concentration of the garcinia and the amount of hydroxycitric acid, which is the most important part. Before buying any product you have to know what the specific composition is.

How it helps you lose weight

The Garcinia cambogia has hydroxycitric acid, which is what gives the slimming power, whose concentration must be over 40% to have that slimming quality. What this acid does is to inhibit the enzymes that convert glucose into fat. It diminishes the synthesis of fatty acids and increases the glycogen synthesis. By not creating new fats the body spends those that we have in reserve thus helping to lose weight. With the normal diet and daily exercise, these supplements help to improve weight loss. The supplements come in concentrated capsules that are taken daily, according to the indications of each boat. They are usually sold in boats where there are doses for one or two months.

On the other hand, this product increases serotonin, which helps us maintain a feeling of fullness. This is also beneficial when it comes to losing weight because we reduce calories and do not binge. That is why it is a very complete supplement to add to our diet and help us lose weight.

Other benefits

Garcinia cambogia has many other interesting benefits, although its slimming power is its main quality. This food has a great antioxidant power, so it is perfect to avoid aging. It prevents oxidation of cells and thus helps us to stay young much longer. This fruit can also help our immune system by increasing our defenses. It also has a small analgesic power that helps reduce pain.

Contraindications of Garcinia cambogia

This fruit does not involve contraindications, although you always have to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions and not take more of the indicated product. In the long run, it is a product that can produce constipation in some cases due to its astringent power. In these cases, you have to stop the intake to return to have a good intestinal transit.

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