Reduce forehead wrinkles with facial exercises

forehead-wrinklesInstead of running away in search of an application of Botox or throw into the arms of plastic surgeon scientists try to reduce forehead wrinkles with facial exercises.

To reduce wrinkles facial exercise, you need to strengthen and tone the muscles of the face by constantly training three to five times a week.

Unlike the other possibilities, these exercises for the face will not leave marks will not require postoperative recovery, and will not affect your natural expressions over time.

Step 1
He frowns and be amazed. Collapses eyebrows and drag and wanting to join them or at least get as close as possible. Then try to separate them as much as possible, emulating an expression of surprise. Repeat this exercise five times.

Step 2
Collapses the face. He frowns and drags your eyebrows down while wrinkling your nose. Keep this position for ten seconds and repeat five times.

Step 3
Use your fingers. Place two fingers over your eyes and pressing it lightly while trying to raise eyebrows. Hold for five seconds and repeat ten times. The exercise says the muscles that are above the eyebrows through resistance.

Step 4
Smile! Tense all the muscles in the forehead while smiling as widely as possible. Pay attention to your forehead and take up your eyebrows. Hold for ten seconds and performed ten repetitions.


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