Relieves headache in summer

Having a simple headache in summer or a cold can mean a lot since it affects us much more with heat. Having a headache in summer can mean several things, and we want to tell you so that you are alert.

The headache can be cause for concern and more if you suffer on vacation. Headaches are not desired at any time of the year, but less while on vacation.

We want to tell you what the possible causes of headaches are in summer and how you can prevent it. Many people suffer headaches a year quite regularly, a symptom that affects adults more than children.

It has been seen that the percentage of women suffering from headaches amounts to 95% while that of men is 80%. Just as migraines affect women instead of men, 15% of people worldwide suffer from migraines.

The summer season is a risk factor for headaches, although it may sound contradictory because in summer we are more relaxed and have more time for outdoor activities and in good weather.

What causes a headache in the summer?

So that you don’t get caught off guard, we tell you below what are the most common causes that cause headaches and headache.


Headache in summer worsens with heat. Not only are they generated by heat, but they also appear when several factors come together. In this case, the heat is higher in summer, these high temperatures cause the body to develop greater vasodilation, which generates heat energy with the outside and not suffer a heat stroke.


Headache in summer is linked to dehydration. The high temperatures in summer make us sweat more and if we do not properly control the consumption of drinks and liquids we can become dehydrated.

If the body has this deficiency, it can cause headaches. In addition, if we choose to hydrate with alcoholic beverages, we will fall into the error of believing that we are drinking liquids since alcohol dehydrates us, and much.


Having insomnia, having changes in sleep schedules or not resting well, directly affects our head. Normally in summer, we change our habits, the body modifies them and this can change our sleep routine.

People who regularly suffer from insomnia also manifest it in summer and in addition, headaches are aggravated. Therefore, it is important to be careful and try to rest well.

Avoid direct contact with the sun for a long time

It is very important that the sun does not hit us in the head for a long time, just like being in the sun without sun protection. The sun is very healthy but it is also very harmful if we take it too much.

In addition, prolonged exposure can cause skin burns and sunstroke.

Prevent headache in summer

  • Protect yourself from the sun. It is important that you wear hats and sunscreen for the entire body that is exposed.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes.   Avoid being in places that have very strong air conditioning for a long time, because changing when you are on the street or elsewhere can cause us damage in the long run.
  • Keep the home as cool as possible. You can refresh it by keeping the windows and shutters down when the sun’s incidence is direct, and ventilate when the sun has disappeared.
  • Hydrate At least drinks two liters of water a day, although you can increase this amount whenever you need it. You can have cold tea, sugar-free soft drinks, natural juices, and smoothies. Avoid alcoholic beverages when you are in the sun because it could aggravate headaches.

It is very important to know how to adapt to each season of the year, take note of our advice to be healthy all year. Because getting bad in summer can be very annoying.

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