Reshape your body for this summer with an anti-cellulite treatment

anti-cellulite treatmentCellulite is an accumulation of fat and fibrous tissue giving a bumpy appearance to the skin: the famous orange peel. In other words, cellulite is nothing more than fat in the body. In women, it accumulates mainly in the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Cellulite is still a matter of stress and anxiety, and even more so with the approach of summer periods. So why not learn a little more depth on the various anti-cellulite treatments and methods to reshape your body?

The Cellu M6 Endermologie

Cellu M6 is a term introduced by the brand LPG and involves hardware and a proprietary treatment protocol. This is so far the best treatment to combat cellulite. This in-depth therapeutic massage is safe and does not require surgery, practising in the clinic or beauty salon by a clinician or a beautician trained and authorized to operate this equipment. In medical terms, the principle of Cellu M6 is called endermologie.

The principle of Endermologie:

The professional uses the patient for a device with motorized rollers performing a kind of touch-roll movement. Venous circulation is restarted and lymphatic circulation, resulting in the elimination of toxins. And stimulated fibroblasts secrete collagen and elastin.

For this, we can apply the roller over the entire body with emphasis on the areas requiring further intervention. The patient usually wears a full sticker, allowing better contact with the device.

The movement of the roller causes suction controlled lifting up the skin and to massage the rolling deep, as does a beautician for rolling massage. The microcirculation by increasing blood and lymph, respectively, close to 400% and 300%. With the stretching and restoration of connective tissue with collagen produced naturally by our bodies, and drainage, fluid retention reverse.

A session lasts about 30 to 35 minutes, with a cure scheduled several sessions, depending on the importance of initial diagnosis by the doctor.

Addrising it as the lipo massage ,the anti-cellulite treatment officially approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The accompaniment of treatment:

A course of endermologie Cellu M6 is not very effective to run if you do not change some daily habits. Here are some simple tips to effectively support your treatment:

Follow a diet that contains all the essential nutrients: protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. First of all,drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and sleep at least 7-8 hours a night.

Exercise five times a week for at least 30 minutes. Secondly,cardio exercises are best for reducing fat.

They involve long sessions of low-activity, short sessions with high activity and moderate sessions to focus on the desired areas.

Walking every day is great: it stretches the muscles and melts the fatty tissue in areas of cellulite. Walk at a brisk pace to burn the excess fat in your body.

After the first period of treatment with multiple sessions the doctor usually prescribes a maintenance schedule one to two sessions per month. Remember that a healthy lifestyle and active prevents the accumulation of cellulite and must be constant throughout treatment and beyond.

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