The benefits of practicing yoga

Which is often compared to the previous one because of its health benefits. Let’s see the reasons why practicing yoga is a good idea. Flexibility and strength are two key elements, but they are not the only ones. Take a deep breath because we delve into the secrets of this millenary sports practice.

You want flexibility

When you practice yoga, you have to stretch many parts of the body, and not just the back and legs. You work your hips, spine, knees, wrists, ankles and virtually any part of the body. With a little practice. You will notice how your whole body is more flexible.

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Improve your concentration

Getting used to adopting yoga poses forces you to have more control over your own body. Which requires concentration and has the effect of training it. You have to be aware of your position, your breathing, your limits and that helps you to concentrate better.

You breathe better

Something that seems as obvious and as automatic as breathing is not really a simple task, especially if you want to do it right. Doing yoga involves controlling your breathing, and coupling it to movements. You learn to breathe more deeply, and to bring more oxygen to all the organs involved in the exercise, particularly your brain and muscles.

practicing yoga

Strengthen your back

Like Pilates, yoga is a physical discipline that is usually recommended to people who have back problems. The main reasons are that the movements of yoga are very progressive and therefore usually are not harmful to people with some disease. And as the yoga exercises train the muscles and increase the strength. They end up strengthening the back and solving the problems of many people.

You have a better balance

The mere fact of having to stay in balance in some unnatural a priori positions makes that over time the balance capacity of people who do yoga are strengthened.

Tone the body and improve your posture

We have already talked about strengthening the back but in reality, as almost all parts of the body are worked on, all the muscles are reinforced, with the effect of toning the body. Not to mention that joints also become stronger, which reduces the risk of injury in them. In addition, as the exercises focus on aligning the body in different way in the end, you get naturally better posture.

It helps to reduce stress

By its design, yoga forces the people who practice it to do exercises very similar to meditation: be aware of your breathing and your body. That kind of activity is excellent, because it helps to focus on the present moment, and forget all the worries of daily life that cause stress. This relaxing benefit is not only noticed during the sessions.

Open our mind to another culture

That last benefit is very variable according to the people. There are people who take yoga as a simple physical activity, and there are those who want to be interested in the philosophy and culture behind the technique. Regardless of the degree of belief, one may have in the teachings of yoga. It is interesting to open the mind to another way of thinking and another culture.

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