The calories of tangerines

Fruits are basic in our diet. Of course, we have so many options that sometimes we are left with the most basic or usual. Between them, both oranges and tangerines have the right to win. But, do you know the calories of tangerines? Surely you have asked it on occasion!

Well, do not worry because today we are going to talk about those calories, as well as all the benefits and advantages of fruit like this one. They can be eaten as an aperitif, in desserts or in salads. Because from today, I’m sure you do not want to miss an option like this in your dishes.

The benefits of tangerines

  • We started talking about the benefits of tangerines because they are very varied. In addition, to have a flavor suitable for all kinds of palates, we leave much more to discover.
  • As is the case with oranges, tangerines also have a high percentage of vitamins C. As we know it is a great antioxidant, preventing the appearance of certain infectious diseases.
  • They are good at keeping cholesterol at bay. The bad, of course, because they are going to promote good cholesterol.
  • They will help us maintain good blood pressure levels. This is thanks to the minerals and nutrients that the fruit has.
  • It will help us to prevent colds. This is also derived from that vitamin C that we just mentioned. It makes our immune system look stronger. Avoiding, well, all kinds of viruses and infections.
  • Needless to say, our skin will also improve if we consume tangerines. It will look softer as well as with a very natural shine.

Of course, if you have a digestive problem such as gastritis or heartburn, then you have to limit your intake. Since maybe they are not such good counselors. Of course, in cases of doubt, it is always preferable to ask your doctor, who is the best one to advise you.

The calories of tangerines

We wanted to start with the benefits of fruit like this one. Because as we see, it is essential in our diet and our day by day. As always, we usually worry about a balanced diet and we look at the calories of the food, the most awaited moment of all. The calories of tangerines will not be able to slow you down. It has a few sugars and few calories. One tangerine has 37 calories. What taking into account some other fruit that we usually consume, is a very low amount. So, as we said, it will not be an impediment to take them.

Calories of mandarins with respect to other fruits

To see that tangerines really contribute very few calories, we are going to make some comparisons. Yes, we already know that these are usually hateful, but not in the food field. Because if a tangerine has 37 calories, the grapes have 62 calories. The banana, 85 calories, 52 the apricot, 73 the mango and the pineapple 57. Both the orange as the apple and the pear have 45 calories. The persimmon is 64 and the pomegranate is also. All this, talking about every 100 grams of fruit. For what we see, it gives us a clue about what we are consuming. It is true that in all of them, the virtues or benefits are also extended.

When dealing with fruits that we are changing in our routine and that we do not consume large quantities, as a rule, all of them will be beneficial for our body. So, going back to tangerines, yes they are good for slimming diets as well as people who have hypertension, as we have seen among their benefits and also, for all ages. So, you do not have any kind of excuse for not taking this type of fruit.

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